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Launch distribution 1.02 new RPG activity 'Maki Knights – Blood Bagos'.

[자료제공: CFK]

– Destroy enemies by rearing characters, updating

– Additional language support, story picture added 1.02 A fresh start has been made

– Spread a promotional movie "Develop character"

The ground breaking game gameplayer CFK is an action game about Nintendo Switch which was developed in collaboration with the Korean games of Orock. T <마키나이츠 -블러드 바고스->The company said.

<마키나이츠 -블러드 바고스->It is an ambitious action rpg developer Korean gunOOock that shows battle to stop a revival of Big Bados, which destroyed the ancient Babylaka kingdom.

A unique global view of punk steam and fantasy connection <마키나이츠 -블러드 바고스->It's a role that playing games that changes three particular enemies. Different monsters and big leaders await the development of different levels of the story according to the story.

By attacking the enemy with different actions depending on the weapons you are in. <마키나이츠>He gets more power by pilot training, military armor and weapons combining. Depending on their energy, their appearance changes and you can influence the powerful enemy. You can also enjoy more fun by collaborating with two local players.

The 1.02 pairs that the start of the 55 screens introduced came in to help us understand the story. We sent French, German, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese to our supported languages. This includes better sustainability and fixing of small bugs.

And CFK is sending an promotional film called “Develop Character” which tells how to play in the game early. Action RPG <마키나이츠 -블러드 바고스->SMS The e-Shop Nintendo in Japan is selling well at 1,500 (but without taxes).

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