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Lovelies escaped for living V Violence.

On 3 February, members of Group Group Loveliz gave live live broadcasts through V Live. Some of the fans added bad ideas through the broadcast, and after a while, they stopped talking for a while. Then I heard the sad words of someone around me. "It's XX, why is it itself XX". Looking back, tell me someone to call me "sister" and "I love you. The broadcast had to stop."

Since then, it has been said that several members of the online community have damaged live members in live broadcasting.

According to News 1, "Lee Loim Entertainment, a Lovelies subsidiary, said," Currently, Lovelies and staff are currently on the last day of promoting in Japan. I'm sorry that delays have been delayed. It happened. I'm sorry to worry my fans, and I will be more careful in the future. "

It was reported that the broadcast was live long and the members were doing; The hostel rested after the advances in Japan

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