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Maradona "Ronaldo is the eternal form of a player" t

Legend from Argentine Diego Maradona has been a remarkable player for Ronaldo, who also won a trick in Atletico.

[골닷컴] Icon for Argentine football Diego Maradona has a reputation for being a magician with Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who led Juventus to the quarter finals with a stadium at Atletico Madrid.

Ronaldo competed in the UEFA League Champions League final at Atletico Madrid in the Allianz stadium on Sunday, guiding Juventus to a 3-0 victory over Juventus. Ronaldo was a great success and Juventus defeated the first 0-2 game and stood on the last quarter.

It was quite unusual. Juventus, who has been described as the strongest player in Serie A, has not performed well in recent years. The worry about the time bombing Juventus was out in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final against Atletico and the result was lost 0-2.

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Juventus, who had three home influences, required a tough challenge, but as a result had a 3-0 effect. And Ronaldo was victorious.

What do you think of the Argentine Legend from Argentina who saw this Ronaldo? Maradona gave Messi advice as to her first resurrection of the Messiah, but this time he did not praise Ronaldo.

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Maradona said, "Perfect players are getting a magic wizard" according to the Hecord in Portugal. "The Argentines are proud of Messi as one of them."

But he said, "Another Ronaldo player, he is like another druid like an animal. He said he would visit three.

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