MK News – Lee Hong-woon, Busan Lee Yeon-bok living in a restaurant … "I want to see my family"

[매경닷컴 MK스포츠 김나영 기자] Lee Hong – Wound gave a description of the life of geese.

On the afternoon of the afternoon, the KBS2 feature, Earrings Boss, Donkey Ear, was designed by Lee Yeon-bok, chef's son, Lee Hong-woon.

Lee Hong-woon was busy every day to run Busan's shop.

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After returning home, Lee Hong-wun said, "My wife is looking after her three sisters. I want to see her."

"I want to see children too.

"My wife is a football girl a few days ago. But when he came to his phone, he said," There is nothing to do. come, is it? "

Lee Yeon-bok looked and said, "That story did not live." [email protected]

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