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After restructuring years, shipbuilding capacity has declined almost 10 years ago. However, the ability to increase slightly over three years due to major changes and some orders.

According to the National Statistical Office, ship registration and tourism business capacity register (2015 = 100) last year 69.2, down 17.0% from 83.4 last year. The biggest fall since 1981 when statistics have been collected.

The performance charter describes the level of performance that can be achieved when people, equipment and working hours are usually applied.

The shipbuilding and shipbuilding measure is calculated in line with the largest construction of shipbuilding items such as oil tankers, vessels vessels and freight vessels for the last three years.

Shipbuilding and shipbuilding for its fourth fourth year fell from 2015, down to 71.4 in 2007, ten years ago. This is the restructuring that started intensively in 2014.

As the production capacity proved successful, the number of vessels fell and shipwrecked to 56.4 last year. The lowest is from 2000 (51.9).

However, the index usage capability, which represents production capacity to a representative capacity, rises slightly to 71.5 last year from 70.7 last year. It's up to three years since 2015.

It is a weak indication that the customization rate charter has been in & # 39; breakdown as the restructuring is final, but can be defined as a result of product efficiency.

An official from the National Statistical Office said, "The reduction in the ability to shipbuilding and a boating business should be established due to a recent restructuring, such as plant closure at Gunsan's plant at Hyundai Heavy Industries. " Given that the diversity has changed, the usage index continues to last from the second half of last year. "He said.

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