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Patients with prostatitis, is it okay to plan your pregnancy?

Professor Sanggye Paik Hospital of Inje University "Healing / Thinking … He should be treated through professional counseling"

[한스경제=홍성익 보건복지전문기자] The protein is just organs that are attached to the lower part of the flame, and it is about the discovery of the organ at the bottom. The fat gland involves pulicular and delicate materials and flows protestant fluid, part of the semen in a blood vessel that is made up of two-thirds of the prostate gland.

Professor Yong-Hyung Lee / Provided = Sanggye Paik Hospital
Professor Yong-Hyung Lee / Provided = Sanggye Paik Hospital

The gland plant is not clear clear, but it is estimated that about 30% of the seafood is responsible and that it participates in physical mobility and fertility. T It is known that breast disease is often happening in middle age and in older people, but more recently the event has been rising in young people with a health interest.

Of the prostate diseases, prostatitis is so common that around half of the men suffer more than once, and according to Review and Health Insurance Assessment 2016 data, approximately 240,000 people visited the hospital with prostatitis. I learned about prostatitis by helping a professor of professorship at the Sanggye Paik Hospital in Inje University.

Is chest disease a disease?

Sexual relationships are common among disease pathways that cause prostatitis, but other pathways can lead to prostatitis. Sexuality is just one of the routes leading to prostatitis, not a major cause, so it does not classify it as a sexually transmitted disease, as it can also happen to teenagers who are not familiar. ever.

Tha If a patient has a prostatitis, does he spread to his wife? Is it ok to plan your pregnancy?

If you have ever had urethritis or recently found an inappropriate sex, you may have been infected with feral diseases. But when the test results show that the bacteria are negative, the swelling is limited to the project, so it is unlikely to be moved to a spouse or boyfriend.

Professor Yoo Jae-hyung, said, "Overall, the flag is not unusual, so it doesn't affect pregnancy."

◇ Are the different types of prostatitis different by symptoms?

The symptoms of prostatitis can be categorized by the National Health Institutions' classification. The judgment of prostatitis is slightly different for each group, and the most important issue is a physical examination based on justice scrutiny.

• Group 1 = Dangerous Prostatitis – sudden lifespan, fever, back pain, perineal and correct pain, sudden pain that feels a cooling, cooling, urinary frequency, urgency problem, sudden confiscation, preservation Clean for brain And symptoms such as malaise, myalgia, arthralgia may have systemic symptoms.

• Group 2 = chronic biotic prostatitis – dysuria, cholestasis, urinary frequency, nocturia, perineal pain and discomfort, and low back pain appears.

• Group 3 = nonbacterial prostatitis which is harmful and chronic poitic pain – It is the main symptoms of pain and discomfort in sugar instead, ie, a high part of the tent area, the high end of the genetic area, and pain. in the ejaculation.

• Group 4 = asymptomatic recostatitis – There is no symptoms, but in many other tests it is diagnosed as prostatitis.

Prostatitis, a common condition that can occur in any adult adult, can cause problems with sex work as well as eliminating a problem. Therefore, it is important to seek medical treatment quickly when symptoms become available, and to seek the exact reason.

Professor Yoo Jae-hyung said, “Following regular cancer treatment, it's important to treat it early and stay stable. If you are in any doubt, you should decide how to approach it through a consultation with a psychologist. "

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