President Roh Moo-hyun and his colleagues say they can not …

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"Delaying homework to expanding pro-Japanese troops too long"
"North and South have not been 100 years ago …
The line will be & # 39; a & # 39; will disappear when the unblocked enemy of our unblocked "

Moon President Jae-en said on March 1, 3, 1, "Today, our society has been converted with color." The phrase "red" and "color" is the remains of a Japanese pro-Japanese society that should be clearly highlighted.

President Moon attended the 3 ∙ 1 100th anniversary memorial at Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul this morning and said, "It is a situation of pro-Japanese settlement that is something that is wrong. pro-Japanese thinking, and independence movement is to establish the simplest value "He said. Moon President said, "This is a fair justice, justice is a fair country."

President Moon Jae-in and his wife Kim Jong-sook marched on their first 100th anniversary of Gwanghwamun in Seoul on March 1st. / Yonhap News

Moon President said, "The Japanese empire has sunk an army of independence as" incredible "and the independence campaigner as an" ideologist ". Here, the word" "B & 39; This is the nickname of all independent, from country to non-experts. "

The President of the Moon said, "There was a great deal on the left and right hostility and ideology of the way Japanese empathy was used to intervene people, differ from each other and become a tool to prevent the liberation being released even after its liberation. "In the liberated country, a Japanese police officer attacked an independent operator to north, "he said." Many people were given as red, & # 39; and families and families who have lost their lives have been unhappy in social stigma. "

Moon President said, "Even now, the red phrase & # 39; is used as a tool to get involved in an attack on political competitivity in the & Our social society, and transformed and important "play an important part." The "Post" line of our mind will disappear when we remove the friendly ideology we shared, and when we leave ban and ban against each other, our rescue will be completed. "

"We need to long-term homework for long-term," he said. "When we consider the wrong time, we can go together." "Establishing the history of history as a way of inducing our descendants," he said. "It is a national and national responsibility to establish a national time".

Moon President said: "Now, we're not just going to break the time out and worry about causes, or to & # 39; creating conflict in diplomacy with other countries. " "It's not quite wonderful," said Chun Sang-do, future diplomacy should continue. He said.

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