Singer Roy Kim present at police on 10th … "Pornography Sharing"

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Roy Kim's singer, who was arrested if he suspected of sexually transmitted material, is appearing at the police station as tomorrow (10th).

The police in Sweet, which means that this means drug in the KakaoTalk speech room, has been occupied by the singer who was jailed by Joon Jun Young and others.

It is recited by reporter Hwang Jung-hyun.


Roy Kim, a partner in the KakaoTalk conversation room, including Jung Jun Young, will be present as a suspect.

Roy Kim was turned into suspicion in the note for providing pornography pictures in the chat room.

Roy Kim, who has known to live in the United States for academic reasons, returned to Incheon International Airport at 4: 30am today (9th).

Medication was also suspected because the participants in the conversation rooms called "Chung Joon-young Kotobang" were being examined.

In this chat room, "meat" and "candy" meaning drugs are recognized.

<박진실 / 변호사> "I don't know what people say, but when it was found I said, 'What does this mean?'

As a result, it is anticipated that the study will be carried out at the same time to determine the use of drugs in the car.

The police department of the Police Group of Seoul identified the first meeting of the Yoon Mong-kyung, known as the "Police Chief", with the success of the singer in 2017, and reinforced the meeting place with Kikyo House in Samcheong-dong. .

Police said they had accepted the impact on 5 May and confirmed they planned to carry out further research as needed.

The police make sure that they meet and the person who pays for the meal.

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