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Site recreation & Pathfinder & # 39; Mars 20 years ago

Researchers from the US say "where to find life easily and where it can be found"

Route map and slipway

Route map and slipway Mars Lander Pathfinder (bottom left) and Mars first Rover Sozerner (center left). The + marked area in the center of the image shows the landing. [ MOLA Science Team, MSS, JPL, NASA 제공]

(Seoul-Yonhap News) Seong Nam-suk, a researcher, described the site as being the site of the beaches of old beaches – Pathfinder & # 39; sent to Mars 22 years ago by the United States. He came out.

The Pathfinder project began by catching a waterway which appeared to have been terrific waters around 3.4 billion years ago in an aerial photograph of the Mars orbiter "Mariner 9" which was launched in the 1970s.

On 4 July 1997, NASA launched the land Pathfinder 20 years after the Vikings landed on 4 July 1997, and carried out geological surveys of Mars throughout the first Sovereign on Mars.

At that time, the hunter was looking for ancient floods, but the amount of flooding was ten times less than scientists had said, and that caused an impossible situation that would not control completely capable of calf.

Research team researched by Dr. Alexis Rodriguez, principal scientist at the US Science Science Institute (PSI), after 20 years that a new proof that data was collected at that time was for Science reports. "

The researchers decided that the large 250km upstream site from the Pathfinder site meant that the incoming sea was endless and that their landing was subdued into the flood of floods t between the sea and the sea I surveyed it.

It is said that there are no vessels on the North Sea with the surface of a staircase as the waters of the Aral Sea are falling rapidly. The computer image of the team showed that Mars was extinct in a few thousands of years because it was covered with ice and evaporated, but it remained under the ice melting. .

The only north ridge line of the North Sea and inshore was thought to represent the two water bodies being submerged by underground waterways, which the residents explained. research.

Dr. But of course. Rodriguez, "Computer changes have shown that inland waters have flooded floods and as a result of deep flooding on the Pathfinder landfill site, created the same landscape as Mariner 9."

The researchers confirmed that Marsh's marine water had, unlike the Earth, been rainwater and that there would be signs of sea water where Pathfinder came ashore if the waters flooded.

The pathfinder is needed, but it is said to be a place where you can easily find life with easy access from the future research activities.


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