Solskjaer's defensive version, Fulham

Solskjær was delighted that United had a continuing leadership, and suggested that the players of Paul Fogg and Marcial were recorded.

Clollaich down to meet the Solscher and MUTV news conference.

Performance was the second half wonderful.

"It was less than ten minutes in the first half. We did not play what we should do. But, indeed, it was too hard. But they made it harder in their hands. There was a counting attack. And feeling after 2-0, and I think I was good in the second half. Herrera and Martić were at the center of the middle. Paul is the second half. "

Fogba enjoyed the game.

"Bar na Fogha performed well. I enjoyed it with my game, and I did it well. The energy was good. So ask me a question. I have to play with it . "Because there is a big game on Tuesday. But this game was also important and it was expected to be essential. "

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