Suddenly, when the traveler collapsed … the bus went directly to the hospital.

CCTV Changwon town bus. [사진 신양여객 제공]

CCTV Changwon town bus. [사진 신양여객 제공]

In Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, it was reported that passengers who were struck off because of the quick response to bus and passenger drivers were handled safely.

According to the Cangyang, Changyang City Bus Co bus company, on 12 December, bus passengers driving on the road near Changwon City suddenly collapsed at around 7:23 pm on 11 November. .

The traveler, who was thought to be late teenagers, sat in the bus's back seat and suddenly did not notice and fell on.

Mr Park (45), a bus driver who was waiting for a signal at the time, learned that the passengers had fallen on his back.

Park said there was a general hospital within a few minutes of trying to call 119 rescue teams.

The Park, which agreed it was faster to drive a bus and go directly to hospital instead of saving the 119 rescue team, took the driver to the passengers after permission had been received. Around 15 passengers are all agreeing to Park.

As the bus park went to the hospital, the passengers attacked the passengers and kept their bodies from trembling.

The bus would take two minutes to go from the accident site to the hospital.

The passenger was taken to a hospital by a medical staff detector and then he was given medical treatment.

The bus, which was used as a hospital in its destination, worked at around 7:45 pm. Except for two or three passengers who had left the hospital, the rest of the passengers stayed until the end and then took a bus to the destination.

Shin Yang considers a plan to reward Park.

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