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Instagram Guarra

Instagram Guarra

Singer Kouhara said that the webmaster who raised the surgery was given a leaf sequence saying, "Is it a sin for ptosis?"

Kuhara submitted a self-portrait description in his waiting room at the Kyo Tokyo Gathering Canal in his instagram on the afternoon of 31 December. At the moment, the webmaster said to look at the pictures, "Why did you repeat it?"

I asked him, "You have signs, did you not?"

Another netsman replied that, "It is better that you have not seen the eye."

Eventually I deleted the post to send us an interest in "eyelid sagging".

Ptosis is the thing where the eyelid muscles above are alive or alive and the high eyelid is teasing down.

Meanwhile, Kuhara was hanged from conviction at the end of January for injury to the Society as a result of fighting with his old lover last year.

The Seoul Central Office in the Women's Crime Division stopped a John's offense, which was found to have broken the Special Sexual Offenses Sexual Offenses Act (use of camera, etc).

In August 2018, Mr A was built against the back of the doctor and part of his leg, and in September his arms and legs were crushed to fight with Gohara. It is reported that the complaint put a risk of asking it to “distribute sex videos” once the event is over. Mr A has rejected the majority of charges, but it is said that the prosecution has enough evidence to prove the allegations of CCTV images.

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