The collapse of the IMF in large economies such as Europe and the USA

The International Finance Fund (IMF) has reduced its global economic growth forecast this year by 0.4 percentage points from the past six months ago. He also warned that the reduction of the global economy could be faster by repeating forecasts on large countries. Korea's growth rate rose to a previous level at 2.6%.

In line with the IMF's Global Economic Strategy (IMF), the world's economic growth forecast for the year was 3.3 per cent, down 0.4 percentage points from the previous forecast of 3.7 in October.

Growth in advanced economies has been improved from 2.1% to 1.8%. In particular, the euro area of ​​growth (19 countries using the euro) grew significantly from 1.8% to 1.3%. Growth in the US (2.5% → 2.3%), Canada (2.0% → 1.5%) and other developed countries (2.5% → 2.2%) also fell. Amongst advanced economies, only Japan (0.9% → 1.0%) had experienced the growth rate.

The Korean growth rate rose to 2.6%. It is defined as showing an additional supplementary budget. The IMF recommended last year that more than 0.5 per cent (9 trillion won) of a total domestic diversity (GDP) would be needed to achieve the government growth target of 2.6 to 2.7 per cent. The level of growth of emerging economies has been reduced by 0.3 per cent from 4.4% to 4.7%. India fell 7.3% from 7.4 per cent and Brazil 2.4 per cent to 2.1 per cent.

Sung Soo Young, [email protected] reporter

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