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The first one is of a black hole at 10 o'clock tonight named.

Science Photography Library – MARK GARLICK through Getty Images

Images of images of black holes are intended to be published. The event named Horizon Telescope & # 39; (EHT) results to be looking at the black hole on 10th, and it was named as a live broadcaster at 7 countries.

The telescope project for the project event features 13 world-class research institutions in the world and it's a project to burn a hole with the event's telescope connecting 9 radio telescopes. It has been filmed since April 2017 and is intended to publish pictures of A * A (Sgr A *) in the center of our galaxy at 10f (Korea time).

Black holes introduce all electromagnetic radiation, including light, and cannot be directly considered. The event's telescope will indirectly cover the black hole limit (night sky), which is subject to the erosion of the earth and the radiation of the black hole. A strong powerful force of a black hole will also bend the light that goes over the horizon of the event, which causes the light to shine through the black hole. The intended picture is also released on this day as if it were a shadow of the black hole;

The Astronomy Korea and Space Science Institute are participating in the study as a member of the East Asian Astronomical Observatory (EAO), a society of East Asia National Radiology Research Institute, including 13 groups. who will take part in the event's telescope project event.

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