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The government & private investment investment support team & # 39; launched to support promising businesses

Joint Venture Investment System. (Source: Business Ministry)

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) has launched an investment support team at the Ministry of Trade, Business and Energy (MOCIE)

The Finance and Economic Ministry (JICA) Investment Support Co-ordinator has set up the major investment projects (Cars, Semiconductors, Exhibitions, Internet Tools, New Industries, Health in future) published by the October Works Committee last year to regulate and regulate the investment environment. That is.

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The investment support team includes ▲ ▲ Chamber of Business and Industry ▲ 7 business companies (Chorea Semiconductor Business Association, Korea Exhibition Business Association, Korea Electronics Power Information Business Association, British Korea Association, Korean renewables, Korea Petrochemical Association, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Korean Business Comparative Corporation (KEPCO), Power Energy Corra (KEPCO), Korea Electric Power Corporation), etc. The investment support team is responsible for the rapid promotion and approval of new businesses (Power, position, etc.) and provision of timely provision. Also, to find new investment projects, it is hoping to set up an investment help desk at eight trading rooms and seven business societies this month, and will install a window to accept investment difficulties. A different secretary will be established within the Business Ministry to organize a systematic management of investment projects. The Business Ministry will hold a quarterly meeting with associated ministries, trade rooms, business associations and public bodies under the Ministry of Industry to monitor the progress of investment projects and the settlement of investment problems. In addition, a major project support team will be created by ministries, societies, public bodies and local governments to select major investment projects with a significant impact on job creation and economic impact.

Jung Seung-il, the business deputy minister, said "Investment has been important in terms of economic growth, future competitiveness and job creation without economic situation such as exports and employment." Through an investment support team, "In particular, we will provide a dedicated support team for major investment projects to solve the problems of investment rapidly."

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