The impact of the European stock market to fast earnings … A British ascension is marching

European stock markets closed higher on Tuesday (May 5), among the fright to break out their & # 39; Brettschaft contract.

The DAX index of Exchange Stock Frankfurt increased 1.71 per cent to 11,367.98, while the Exchange Stock Paris indexed CAC40 index rose 1.66 per cent to 5,083.34.

In London, FTSE indexed 100 2.04 percent rises to 7,177.37 behind poor non-sterling and powerful MP ​​performance.

The stock market in London continued on the 6th day on Friday.

Archive index 50 Stoxx 1.57 per cent to close at 3,215.04.

With a business type, BP (+ 5.47%) was strong, Sango Bang construction company (+ 6.33%) and L & OO cheese company (+3.82)

(Yonhap News)

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