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The Toyota car will do a winter trip for four people to use tom tom

I travel without a suitable… Target for launch in 2029

TOKYO (Reuters) – Toyota Motor Corp will develop a four-seater car that can be studied on the moon surface.

Toyota Motor Co. Co. and the Japanese Airborne Search Research Group (JAXA) have decided that the moon surface will be estimated for possible use by people with no wear.

Toyota will develop a fuel fuel vehicle (FCV) driven by hydrogen electricity and automated operating technology to develop a moon surface car that runs on the moon surface by 2029, and launches it in the US rocket.

JAXA and Toyota have aimed to realize the moon investigation of Japanese astronauts by taking part in a new moon investigative program with SA.

The moonbeam was developed in the 1960s and 1970s under the Apollo scheme, a US canal inspection project, but space was needed to spend it.

But a new Toyota 6m long research car, 5.2m wide, 3.8m high, and two bus buses are.

The interior of the moon has a 13m2 surface, designed for two passengers but with a capacity of up to four people.

The car will be used to research water in the moon after the completion of the "Gateway" space station, which is built on an orphanage by the USA, Japan, Europe and Russia.

JAXA plans to conduct the research using a moonlight car developed by Toyota five times from 2029 to 2034, and moving around 2,000 kilometers around the South Pole in the Moon for 42 days each .

The moon surface will be investigated during the day as the day and night will last two weeks, and at night you will come back to the ship and get fuel.

Toyota said it aims to develop a research vehicle that can run over 10,000 km using hydrogen-powered technology, which is easy to store and carry, and technology. rough driving.

At the same time, NASA is planning to launch a moon research program in Japan, Europe and other countries with a view to eradicating the human moon in 2028.

NASA plans to build a space station with the name 'Gateway & 39'; The orbit of the moon by 2026 begins in 2022.

Japan decided to upgrade the Gateway residence with Europe.

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