There are Apex Legend & # 39; Over 1 million attendants in three days of the publication

Legend Apex & # 39; Over one million people in three days.

EA today indicates that there are 10 million users who enjoy it & # 39; game through the official Apex Legend website, with over 1 million people over the list. It is a speed that has never been the same as the Battle Royal mode, which can be heard free of charge although it is the only royal battle, which has exceeded 10 million each weeks.

Legend Apex & # 39; A game of royal kings in which three-herring herring chooses three characters with a character and a person; go into the battle. Users need to build the characters in the order of order that will be assigned before they start into the battle, and their competition will last by going to the # 39; come into the herring and get into the battle. Unlike other Battle Royals, rehabilitation players can end after the dead player, and each character has their own skills at the beginning of their battle.

At the same time, there are Apex Legend & # 39; Currently considering in Korea, the date of the information is not yet determined. In the current opening, Korean language is officially supported. Official websiteSouth Westerly

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