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There is a cold wave, and the beautiful polar dust. The cleaner has an essential device in the dust dust & cartoon, and the request for a second is a purifier & # 39; has been growing lately. As well as air cleaning, electronic home is home; marketing & right dust & # 39; actively in all areas of facilities such as electricity, drying, and airplanes.

In recent years, E-Land has chosen to select home appliances such as knitting, drying, air purgers, wireless cleaners, machine cleaners, and electric scales. Only for cleaning devices, all of them are devices connected to mini-dust.

People who came to work on the 22nd day in Seoul, where the poor reduction measures were brought to fruition, walked in a soft way. / Reporter Lee Tea Kyung

Last year, the augmentation of the augmentation was expanded by 167% from 2017. The value of 135% discounts, 20% air clearance, 131% and 40% electricity clearance was generated by electricity. "It's a moving driver in the move that every room has," said an e-mail. "The electricity range provides a lesser place of harmful adhesion and easy cleaning."

◇ The word is an old word purifier … It will capture dust in an electric field

The productive housing devices that are connected to the air cleaner are in the electric field (induction). It is expected that the electricity market will be more than 1 million units this year. According to Lotte Hi Mart, a share of electricity sales in 2014 was only 18% of the total range, but it rises to 45% last year. An electrical device industry officer said, "The commitments in the electricity range also increase the B2B market such as new buildings in rooms and office buildings."

Scale dust full of scale Samsung Electronics (005930), LG Electronics, as well as small and medium-sized companies such as SK Corp. and SK Magic, as well as foreign companies such as Siemens. Samsung Electronics started eight modules of electricity range induction in 2019 on the 13th. It's up to 6800W thermal power (Watts) with control of a 15-degree temperature.

Samsung Electronics 2019. Computer Access Initiative / Posted by Electronics Electronics

LG Electronics (066570)It has been doing only B2B results for a home gas range from November last year, and its only makes an electric range for the use of the house. Demand for domestic gas ranges has become extinct. LG Electronics's electricity range, which LG Electronics has sold since January this year, has been selling sales over the same period last year. This is a 50% increase compared to last December.

◇ Double sales machines doubled this year … Air airplane also works as an essential & essential device & # 39;

A market for clothing dryers is a & # 39; It also grows every day, where pieces of dust on clothes and laundry are swept away. The housing machinery industry expects to sell drains, which had grown from one million units last year, to 2 million this year. Samsung Electronics official said: "The sales increase of the drummer in the fourth quarter of last year increased by around 30% from the third quarter."

As a demand for growth, there are also great movements. E-Land said that the proportion of large giant sales sold last year was 31% of the total. Samsung Electronics, Electronics Electronics and other large companies have abandoned 16KG-class dryers. More recently, foreign companies such as Bosch have recently introduced large driers.

Over the last 20 days, LG Electronics staff have ideas made by the Changwon engine in Gyeongsangnam-do. / Delivered by LG Electronics

Aircrafts are also essential for air purification work, and has been a household appliance for each season. Samsung Electronics introduced the 2019 style airplane in January, and made use of all models of a wall that was provided with many homes. LG Electronics also added the LG Whiskin 2019 aircraft in 2019 in January, which intensified the intensification of air purification, and applied it to more than 90% of the total model.

The airplane comes near one step forward, and the air reflective product of the LG Electronics Changwon factory has increased by 10% compared to the same time last year. "Aerial airs with air cleaners and non-dust and gas turbine electrodes," said Electronics Electronics officer.

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