Ttukseom kyangyang house, YouTube "healthy restaurant product organizing awesome"

[사진 유튜브 캡처]

[사진 유튜브 캡처]

Kang Yong-sik, the owner of SBS & Baek Jong, won the Alley Restaurant & # 39; on the Ttukseom side, he wanted to prepare a healthy health of the production team.

Chung Young-jin in a video uploaded on his YouTube channel on the 3rd, "It was said from the broadcast that" Kangyeong-sik was first used on the dumpboard, " it uses old meat. " Even now, are words but not true. "I did not use the meat as well as the old meat," he said.

"There is some disagreement, but the meat is around five to seven days old," he said.

"Tell me to the team that it was not old meat," he said. CCTV confirmed that it was possible to investigate, the production team confirmed. I thought the misunderstanding was resolved, but the team did not respond. "After broadcasting, I became a person who used old meat."

Chung said, "Baek Jong-won has said it is unhappy with the statement that food quality standards are high. I became a character that became an incredible character." If there is a problem with the meat, He is hanged, "he said." I hope there are no other actors who destroy life by doing it; Unfortunately editing. "

Jung said he would open the YouTube channel on May 27 and he revealed suspicions about the road restaurant. Park Byeong-joon, head of eel, who also appeared on Ttukseom's side, said he had suffered "devoting the devil" on the next day's internet broadcast. In this regard, SBS did not give much of its position.

Kim Eun Bin, reporter [email protected]

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