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Slovakian Warden Vladislav Habal

Kosice Warden Vladislav Habal
Zvolen attackers' attack.
Author: TASR, František

Just in Košice, they have succeeded in the "bryndziari" in the chat. oceliarov
This did not fit and finally 7: 2 flat impact. Benefited
One goal is played by Milan Kytnár, who is the cannabis management of
17 adventures.

Nitra, in his own right, gave advice from the reporter Miškovec 3: 0 and Banská
Bystrica succeeded in the duel with Liptovský Mikuláš. Her hero got a 4: 2 prize.
The fourth fate after that was Zilina, who had been in a & # 39; running at home
Dette 3: 4 th

Born in Budapest at the cost of New Zampkov. Club from the south side
Slòcaia 3: 4 lost behind.

Quarterly rowing seasonal series

HK Dukla Trencin – HK Poprad 2: 0 (0: 0, 1: 0, 1: 0)
Goly: 34. Raggl (Varga, Mikula), 45. Ölvecký (Varga,
Tailor). They decided: Geld, Hoppe – Trip, J. Tvrdoň, exclusion: 7: 6,
In addition to: 5 + DKZ Salija each cut, 10 minutes. personal punishment Paukovcek za vrazenie
on the band (both Poprad), power-play: 1: 0, weakness: 0: 0, 2621 spectators.
Trenčín: Valent – Krejci, Rýgl, Holenda, Bohunický,
Kovář, Luža, Martiška – Sojčík, Ölvecký, Radivojevič – Hecl,
Sadecký, Bartovič – O.Mikula, R.Dlouhý, T.Varga – Pardavý, J.Švec,
Poprad: Voice – Salija, Petran, Ťavoda, Fabian,
Karalahti, Erving, Cesnakek – Kundrik, Mlynarovich, Takac – Koys,
Zagrapan, Abdul – Bondra, Heizer, Svitana – Macik,
Paukovček, Václav

After a four-ring series, Trenčani started against Popradčany.
Holenda, who was banned, defeated the defenders in the first minute
However, the voice disappeared. 5 minutes into the game, Zagrapan came up through the middle
To the end, the Bondra came to the border, but the Valentine team

In 8 minutes play the game over two minutes of play
players, some hunting attempts, however, have been a major risk
Valentom did not come. The second part of the Trenčan starter is. They are
They try to identify a key goal, but despite some promises
I did not succeed.

The second part of the game Popradčania started better. 22 minutes into the game,
The opportunities were there; in the loss of Heizer, but Valentine broke the refurbishment.
26 minutes later, two players and home guests went to punish their penalty
a great opportunity to open a score. Streli Saliju, Petrana,
But they did not finish in the network. With 34 minutes played, Svitana put themselves up 0 –
but he did not succeed before Valentin's and Bluff had.

On the other side of the elevator, the puck after the Vargas boundary had to be previously split
The whistle, who had the problem now to hit her & # 39; unlocked gateway. Just a minute
He tried to surprise Kundrík's homekeeper. Carer action
37 minutes into the game, when Vošvrda tried to pass the ball on his game
Valentine was shooting the defender in time.

Trencin could go back to the first enemy's double goal
the last third. The home couple lost in weakness, but Rýglov's attempt
from the Vosvrda left circle covered. 43 minutes into the game, the home side was repeated
a two-minute game of two players, but it's successful
Did not go.

With the benefit of one hockey player, he used the power from a circle
Ölvecký. As a result, sections have moved on either side, but not
from the player, the puck would not let her back. Valent kept her fifth clean
account in the last year and # 39; at present.

Nitra decided at the end

HK Nitra – DVTK Jégesmedvék Miškovec 3: 0 (0: 0, 1: 0,
2: 0)

goals: 35. Lantos (MacCormack), 57. Slovák (Pupák),
59. Majdan (Bortňák, Rapáč). They decided: Goga, Orolin – Gajan,
Soliety, exclusion: 2: 3, power-play: 0: 0, weakness: 1: 0, 2069 spectators.
Nitra: Simboch – Mezei, MacCormick, Rose, Morrison, Puppy,
Saorsa, Korim – Lantos, Slocach, Black Water – Scheidl, Kerbashian,
Majdan – Fominych, Bortnak, B. Rapac – Chaladi, Richard, Bucek –
Miskolc: Vay – Crawford, Kiss, Sziranyi, Milam, Lada,
Slovák, Vojtko – Magosi, Loiseau, Kulmala – Pance, Vas, Harrison –
Miskolczi, Galanisz, Somogyi – Rito, Hajos, Vincze

Stanislav Petrík, assistant assistant Nitra: "We are long
Looking for a hole to go & # 39; protect Miškovec, and we would say. It is kept
our Šimboch senior visitor, who was really great again. We are glad that we did
they reached the winning end. "

Glen Hanlon, Miškovca coach: "First congratulations
Nitra. The game was affecting its & # 39; The first goal after being lost is our protection and we are fighting
They lost their game at the end when we are
They are at the visit. "

In the first half, the audience had just grown faster with fertility. On both sides in particular
fighting for each puck, both teams did not; offer both teams well. want
It is worth saying that Majdanov's attempt to try to attract Kerbashian, who escaped tightly
next. At the beginning of the second, the listeners affected the Nazi defense
in the middle zone, used by guests of Vas, Šimboch for a great escape
However, his team kept a good slogan with a catcher.

Spectators almost did not look great at the beauty of hacking and opportunities for their & most
the second. After 35 minutes, the team dropped off to & # 39; Addressing good provision of routes on the right. He fell on him
on the side of the house, when it finds it well after a pitch after the rings
Lantoshi and hitting in a good location for visitors 1 – 0. Third decision
he was a guest.

They even met Magosi's goal at their weakness. -that you
However, after hearing the video players, they decided that the puck was in a place before being translated directly
left the ice area, so the score did not change. Shimboch kept his team
also at the end of the second part, when Louiseau did not stop it up.

The last part of the game was similar to the & # 39; first one. It was both
The opportunities were missing but Nitranom had no comfort on the extra sticks and guests
campaigns in the attack. Everything has been decided by the Nitra's weakening,
when it finished stretching from the right with a beautiful view of Slovakia – 2: 0.
The point was screwed in the 3: 0 ghol 3: 0 empty for Majdan at home.

Zvolen's main page resolved in Košice

HC Košice – HKM Zvolen 2: 7 (1: 3, 1: 3, 0: 1)
goals: 6. Spilar (Pulli), 25. Brophey (Haščák, Nagy)
7. Vandas (Handlovsky, Špirko), 14. Špirko (Obdržalek), 19. Šišovský
(Lušňák, Obdržálek), 26. Zuzin, 36. Drgoň (Kytnár, Zuzin), 37. Špirko
(Vandane, Handlovsky), 53. Pufahl (Vandas). They concluded:
Juhász – Kis-Király (both), Smrek, exclusion: 2: 4 for 2 minutes,
Power play: 0: 2, lag: 0: 1, 5883 spectators. Changes: 37. Skorvánek
instead of Habal (Koš.).
HC Košice: Habal – McDowell, Dudas, Cizek, Gray,
Koch, Pulli, Araghagan – Haščák, Brophey, Nagy – Netík, Ignatuškin,
Suja – Spilar, Galamboš, Šoltés – Žitný, Klíma, Krajňák
HKM Zvolen: Tomek – Vandane, Pufahl, Růžička, Zeleňák,
Drgon, Ulrych, Pöyhönen – Vandas, Spirko, Handlovsky – Sissovsky,
Lušňák, Obdržálek – Zuzin, Kytnár, Chovan – Marcinek,
Holovič, Patrick

Roman Šimíček, coach HC Košice: "After a picture
to 1: 0, we set down what we wanted to do. The top was high
2: 4 four-minute shutdown, when we collected two
goals. So far, we all believe that we can restore the game.
Zvolen made it very well, today we are not enough for its players. thank you
fans for support in the game today. "

Andrej Podkonický, coach HKM Zvolen: "We've seen a lot
good hockey. The first third of the game was fair, but he decided it
we have protected the basketball games. In addition to the Video, we have targeted our goals
of our opportunities. In addition, the keeper kept our goals in an important time
Tomek. I think the game broke with our two goals in the finals
power of game. I thank the players for good performance and three points. "

The 23rd round blade had a quick speed from the opening minutes and did not lose it
goals. Those who The first one went to Kosice after 6 minutes of Spilar
Tomek's amazing caretaker – 1: 0. Their main guidance was only 94 seconds.
Handlovsky's hand on Habal was only released in front of the unexpected Vandasa
easy to pay – 1: 1.

The team lost the lead in the 14th minute
in the game, but they played well and scored the score after two escaped
Zvolenčan Špirko – 1: 2. Builders had a better move, they were simple play and
He also benefited from the misunderstandings of the opposition. One came in 19 minutes and
Šišovský – 1: 3 was using Lušňá pas from the hits.

The home side was output to & # 39; 25 minute mark when Brophey was
he stressed the goal. But they have affected the security errors
confirmed for a moment when Pulli sent out in the middle zone and Zuzin returned
Election of two lead-points – 2: 4. The guests went on and the Košice
Efforts to reach a goal match without major problems.

37 minutes into the game, Zvolenčania struggled to find out what their roles were and their organization was released. Ann, he is
They settled in the zone of attack and after effective communication; they name,
Spectators Košice, Kytnár are converted to 2: 5. In a few seconds the situation is almost over
Again, continue to & # 39; using Spirko and bringing him home
instead of visitor – 2: 6.

Again the third third hockey fastened, the goal
However, it disappeared. Elections have settled down several times in the attack and usually
mixing to try to protect basketball protection, but the visitor
Škorvánek threatened several opportunities. 51 minutes into the game, he was able to control control
With the efforts of Kytnár and Zeleňák, on the other hand, Haščák did not finish.

53 minutes into the game, the visitors may have the connection target after they've been tapping up to # 39; dance.
Vandas was a good time for the Pufahla, who got over
Sgorpion – 2: 7. So the voters are proofed in the # 39; step
winning the League League League situation.

Derby for his master

HC00 iClinic B. Bystrica – MHk 32 L. Nicholas 4: 2 (0: 0, 2: 1,
2: 1)

goals: 22. Zatel (Kubka), 27. Zigo (German),
47. Higgs (Faille), 60. Selleck – 31. Rób. Huna (Suchý, Kriška),
44. Uram (Mezovsky). Referees D. Konc St., Rencz – Rojík, Vincze,
exclude 2: 0, 0: 1 power play, 0: 0 weak, changes: 50. Lichanec za
Bartánusa, 2415 spectators.
HC00 iClinic B. Bystrica: Williams – Sloboda, Mihalik,
Kubka, Datelinka, Marshall, Miller, Nemčík – Bartánus, Faille,
Blessed – Gabor, Cešík, Kabáč – Asselin, Higgs, Selleck –
Sýkora, Raw, Zigo
MHk 32 L. Mikuláš: Holly – Kurali, Suchý, Nádasd,
Mezovsky, Horvath, Kosecky, Baca, Fereta – Kriska, Rich. Huna, Rob.
Huna – Uram, Oško, J. Sukeľ – Vybíral, Tamas, Žiak – Lištiak,
Uhrík, Piatka

Dan Ceman, coach B. Tile: "We had a weak introduction,
we do not want to play at home. In the second we have become better, we are bigger
They attacked him, but the opponent has helped with the goal of visiting. It was a hard game; again,
but I'm glad we showed the character and returned to the game when the enemy
It is located. "

Ján Tomko, coach L. Mikuláš: "It was good for us
performed, we played, but we built and went to live. We got third
I'm sure I'll definitely analyze the situation on my computer. We tried
To make it up, we have just done a bit, but the fort has moved from us. no
we are worse than the home, even though there are some of them, but our boys were playing
Carefully, fight, & # 39; play in the system. "

Their first third may suffer enough. The world got a big surprise
attack and have also developed many opportunities. Not one of them
the goal did not fall, whether Tamas had two opportunities in the 5th and 8th minutes, or
Rich. Hun in 9 minutes.

The first best picture from Sikor sent home to the visit in the # 39; 10 minutes
They gradually woke up the life of hockey more active. In the 15th min
Zigo did not succeed twice before the Holly visitor, but in the opening decision
Twenty minutes ago, he again threatened the home team in the Root 19th minute. Huna.

In the second season, they improved their enjoyment, the two goals,
on the 22nd because of a more powerful image, instead of aviation recording, in the 27th minute
Puff after he got faster, Ziga ended up with his fortune again. on & # 39;
Other aims were also mentioned as a chance in Asselin, in an early time
shot four. At 31 minutes after 15 seconds, the picture was diminished by a picture
from the roobs corner. Huna and Rich in the 40s. Huna in power to & # 39; playing on the bank

42 minutes into the game, Žiak allowed Williams to be there, but the ball, on the left
In the 44th century, Uram had already been established in a weak attempt from Mezovsky from blue. on & # 39;
Hobbies and Rob. Hunu could lead in the 47th minute directors, no
the second focus fell on the other side, when the sign is not just taken
Boson hitting.

In 54 minutes, Rich herself. Huna burned a great opportunity to balance, too
Like Kriška in the 58 minute minute and the guests did not even play, even in the game without a guardian
56 minutes away. Just 16 seconds ahead of the siren, Selleck went on for himself
an empty visit, but was defended and the judges recognized the home team
technical aim.

She has succeeded in Zilina

MsHK DOXXbet Žilina – HC 07 Detail 3: 4 (0: 0, 2: 1,
1: 3)

goals: 24. Húževka (Rehák, Dubeň), 30. Jenčík (Rud.
Huna, Podešva), 60. Podešva (Rud Huna, Hvila) – 31. Murček (Ďaloga,
Gašpar), 53. Puliš (Kuklev, Martin Chovan), 56. Žilka (F. Fekiač,
Tibenský), 60. Murček (Puliš, Kuklev). They decided: Müllner, Fridrich –
M. Orolin, D. Konc ml., Exclusion: 2: 4 for 2 min., Power play: 1: 0, weakness:
0: 0, 410 spectators.
Žilina: Mikoláš – Kucny, Piegl, Jankovič, Bagin, M.
Hudec, Matějka, Dubeň, Pastor – Bárta, Podešva, Balej – Jenčík,
Surovka, Rud. Huna – Milý, J. Ručkay, Hvila – D. Rehák, Húževka,
detva: Zalivin – Martin Chovan, Kuklev, Gachulinec, Hraško,
F. Fekiač, Šimon, Král – Ščurko, Murček, Puliš – Ďaloga, V.
Fekiač, Gašpar – Tibenský, Matúš Chovan, Žilka – Giľák, P. Valent,
M. Raw.

Pavel Paukovcek, coach of Žilina: "We had a game
we did a good 2-0. Unfortunately, after the great mistakes of individuals, we are
they played the game itself. "

Josef Turek, Detva coach: "We started well,
We had lots of opportunities we did not use. Then the challenger was developed,
We got back and lost a third. In the final third, however, we are
they have drawn the game from three collections and finally we've been winning at & # 39; the end.
I want to preserve the boys for good performance, again captivated well
goalies. "

In two class-class teams, they had a ten-minute start
to the average of those who were more active hunting but Mikoláš
Everything was resolved without difficulty. 4 minutes into the game,
He did not recognize a video consultation and in 9 minutes Ščurkov goal
Bekhend Mikoláš is caught.

Then the home team played his first game in the game and was close to
but Zalivina saved the goals from the goal. They did not use their photocopy
after that, the guests or the guests did not even set the game yet. In 19 minutes they went to
Gategate in a 2: 1 situation Dear Ruckay, but with another picture
named Zalivin.

In the second, the last season woke up and the first goals came.
24 minutes after Dubeňa was killed from the blue pile that jumped back to Rehak, that one
He moved to Huzel and the old-born home opened the score. From another format
hitting the home in the play power, when Huna did not get out
but Jenčík got the puck behind the backup of Detny's wrestler. Have guests
then back back and reduced to 31 minutes.

Gašpar murdered before the first visit with the Mikolaj goal,
but continue the action, and another very good situation without using protection
correct action Murcek. "Wolves" could then rise,
In the two-handed and handy games, however, they killed a bit.

The home team left the third part of the game's game to the guests too,
trying to arrange and "whales" only to be left
Zalivina. The Žilinci protection actions created their failure in 53 minutes
Putus was reconciled and started again. He sent the guest for his first time
56 minutes into the game, Žilka, to find the spot between the right and the spot

The Žilinans were willing to play without a keeper of 64 seconds before the end
The sling is equivalent to 3: 3 for 32 seconds before the siren. The home, however, finally
the game was lost when Murcek decided 17 seconds before he won a click

The castles were played in Budapest

MAC Budapest – HC Mikron Nové Zámky 4: 3 (2: 1, 1: 0,
1: 2)

goals: 9. Nagy (Terbócs), 16. Klempa (Dudás, Dansereau),
30. Klempa (Nagy, Brown), 57. Odnoga (Nagy, Terbócs) – 9. Bailteil (Kudla,
Bajtek), 54. Jakubek (Fábry), 54. Kudla. Referees: Jonák, Novák –
Šefčík, Synek, exclusion: 3: 4 on the second minute, apart from Nejezchleb (N. Zamky)
10 min. for unbiased behavior, power-play: 2: 1, weakness: 0: 0.
MAC Budapest: Balizs – Negrin, Dudas, Burt, Fejes,
Pozsgai, Bugar, Kreisz – Orban, Langkow, Bodo – Klempa, Brown,
Dansereau – Odnoga, Nagy, Terbócs – Szabad, Majoross, Szigeti
Nové Zámky: Košaristan – Kudla, Andersons, Henderson,
Hain, Hatala, Ordzovsky Slávik – Štrauch, Urban, Bytek – Jurík,
Zbořil, Rogoň – Nejezchleb, Jakubek, Štumpf – Linet, Fábry,

The people who lost the 2018/2019 season opening park won Budapest
7: 1 high, and three points for this game. But the blackberry was made
An Amazing Game, and after 9 minutes played Urbana's goal, he was ruled
24 seconds later to balance.

After 16 minutes, a penalty was put to the far side
Klempa. In the second, the visit was again in the nets, double
Klemp has once again taken advantage of the many benefits. In the third game they offered players
the largest audience. His first home team was not changed
Even definitive, and two consecutive goals.

In 54 minutes, Fábry and Fábry were killed in 18 seconds
Kudla and Kudla. However, Odnoga was finally going to "#; The first 57 minutes into the game. The decision is
Drama, Štrauch in the last minute on killing, but his home
dilute the lead.

1. elected 25 17 3 2 3 108: 51 59
2. Košice 25 17 0 1 7 90:55 52
3. Poprad 24 14 2 1 7 65:49 47
4. N. Glasses 25 13 3 1 8 67:51 46
5 B. Bystrica 24 13 1 4 6 63:55 45
6. Nitra 24 11 3 1 9 80:62 40
7. Trenčín 24 11 2 1 10 57:51 38
8. Detail 25 9 1 3 12 62:80 32
9. Budapest 24 8 1 5 10 67:80 31
10. L. Mikuláš 25 8 2 1 14 63:76 29
11. Miskolc 25 7 2 3 13 65:82 28
12. Žilina 25 5 4 0 16 65:91 23
-. HK Orange20 19 0 0 1 18 26:95 1

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