Kosik in jail wants to introduce Mali from the government


It is said that Luboš Kosice, a police officer, was currently imprisoned in Mali, in accordance with official information. We have been told by Novinom of We this week it has been released.

"According to official information, Kosik is in Mali in prison," said Interior Minister Denisa Sakova today. According to her, the Department of Justice has a & negotiations with the leaders of this African country about being released to Slovakia.

"According to my information, a number of signatures are required to prevent Kosice from arrest and with the partnership of the Interior Ministry team, special units should be transferred to the Republic of Slobhaia.

Regardless of whether Kosik is still imprisoned or abandoned from his case, he is questioned as his / her; former police, imprisoned in Mali for serving € 2.4 million of bribe debt, saying to the reporters last week it was released.

Minister Sakova answered suspicions about whether Kosik is still in jail with the words: "The information that the upper leaders of the country (Mali) may give us is true".

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