Kourtney Kardashian explains a good partner and his / her; sounds like Scott


Can Kourtney Kardashian be completely hoping to meet with Scott Disick? She interviewed GQ Mexico On November 26, and in, said she was a good partner in the future. Contact us, but his dad, Scott, is sure that many of the things she says!

"It is very important that my partner has confidence in himself, he knows who he is, so he does not have to show anything to anyone," she explained. Who is more confident than someone who had been a king in London, bought (and unusually getting a chance), and often says that he was a Dread Lord himself? In addition, although Scott from Kourt had several times over the years, he never encountered or spoke about goals.

"It must also be understood, and take me as I am. If not, it does not work," she said. Who could understand more or the person who made three beautiful babies and put a better part of a decade with her, even before her family was famous? For fans, he always felt that Scott's issues were in the relationship that he had; he had to Kourtney, but always his greatest supporter.

The statement was also like something different to the ex-Younes Bendjima, who showed some of the jealousy signs and his / her; controlled before they were divided. Back in July, Kourtney put a picture of a very good swimming pool attack; show where he was, and Younes said, "That's what you need to show for getting such things like that?" Later on, when fans started to. lit out, he said he was just playing, and "true couples are related to each other." Well, they did not stay a "true couple" much longer, so clear that Kourtney did not enjoy everyone. We may read too much for this, but in particular we can dream!

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