Kovesi Can Cell The Prince! The journey to Section 18 and a famous supporter predicted her. Update


UPDATE 2: At the end of the meeting with police officer at Police Station 18, Kovesi said: "I repeat, I cannot talk about this hurdle. If we are talking about the appeal, having assessed the application, A technical committee, we have come to an end, there are ongoing discussions between the Parliament and the Council.

We'll see what it will be. We see whether all recent events affect this approach. It is very clear and very clear that everything that has happened in the last few months relates to my involvement in this process. In any way, I try to stop this role I have been running.

It is obvious that I am part of a bitter and brave campaign. I am a sign to other colleagues who wish to carry out their work. But I'm sure Romanian accused and jury are doing the job and not fear. " T

“I am a prosecutor who has done my job for 24 years I am a procurator fiscal I have confirmed that I am involved in my professional work effectively and that I have been charged with the prosecution. People are afraid to be quiet in Romania. , Kovesi said.

UPDATE: When he went into the police station, Kovesi refused to make statements, but promised to answer the media questions at the door.

The first news

Kovesi Celar will run the Governor, also called the Central Rising, where his enemies, Elena Udrea and Alina Bica, were also known. This rehearsal is not from a former DNA challenger, but from a journalist who was kept up to white clothes.

A discussion took place at Digi 24 during the Kovesi listening session with objectors in the section regarding a criminal justice investigation.

“We may not see Ms Kovesi, without getting out of that, from the special section for examining masters. The idea is that an old head of the DNA would be arrested, but now the Department does not accept this, I take it gradually, "said Cristian Tudor Popescu at Digi 24.
'Cristian Tudor Popescu: It is understandable, that the theme work, for the Department, for the Gestapo and for the PSD-ALDE, is that the Lady will be arrested, which would be perfect. This time, they have not yet been accepted, you have seen that they have made progress and that it is not yet coming from Arran What happened? What do you think happened to you?

Cosmin Prelipceanu: To count journalists' hours.

CTP: Detailed. Very well. In this case, the message was even the number of times. It was important that the world was known for it for seven hours. Was it held for 7 hours? That means it's a problem, someone! Understand? The time is an old thinking, going back to Securitate, in the 1950s. Security said: "If you got to us, probably did something!" Nobody gets us for anything! This is asking him to give him the Section at the moment: Sir, they kept him for 7 hours! You understand what his sins are! This is the message, "said Cristian Tudor Popescu too.

What has forgotten to mention CTP is that DNA interviews during the Kovesi tenure take place for 6-7 hours, that the paper was called by "wells" when a defender was heard and that Kovesi solutions were released to t media reports before lawyers.

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