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– We are not going to start a new party, Tore Christiansen from Øksnes KrF beat the pulpit when it's opened; conference on 9 February.

Simen Bondevik

Simen Bondevik rejects the critics who are in a position; believe that the Drivkraft conference contributes to an additional apportionment of KrF.

Photograph: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

According to Christiansen, he and some other ten KrFs want to initiate a type of network that looks after their & # 39; ties that began in the autumn of 2018 by the party leader of the Knut Arild Hareide office.

Among those behind the campaign, KrFs has profiled Simen Bondevik, over Viken KrFU, and former vice president of KrF Odd Anders With.

"The commitment created by Knut Arild Hareide when he held his speech to the country's government this fall, we want to maintain," said Simen Bondevik to NRK.

– What do you say to those who fear that this campaign will continue to share more?

– Then they were not understood. I hope this can be a forum that will keep people and continue to be involved in KrF.

Hareide: – I'm not sorry

Hareide received a warm welcome when he went to the pulpit on Saturday.

"We will never be able to respond to what 2018 fall may have come to an end," said Hareide, saying that the party's blue party wins the vote and got KrF into the government Solberg with her Conservative Party, the Forward Party and the Liberals before Christmas.

According to Hareide, it is not regrettable to give a choice to KrF to make a choice, even if he lost his side.

– I have to admit that there are many good improvements in government government in government government, but I think we have a bigger influence in the government that is in the government; including the center and the Ap, but we will not get that response this time.

Hareide told the international poverty gap and climate change as the key values ​​of the previous network, and considered the transition debate:

– The two sides are famous. There was no historical opportunity, but I am also encouraged when I heard the Labor Party talk about the reduction of junk. I hope we get a change of law that is independent of our government.

Hareide: – Worse if many come out

According to the retired party leader, he wants as many people as possible to support him in the autumn to get to KrF in general.

– I wanted to show here that we should have the space in our party.

– I think it's wise to take part. I need what I'm doing to show that there is room for everyone in KrF. I think it's much worse and sad if there is a lot out, Hareide is out of trouble. answer.

KrF received a great deal when Hareide asked the party to decide whether they wanted government cooperation to red or blue sides in Norwegian politics and replace their own dominance to the pot.

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