Krimovke lost his advantage in leaving her. game


German players and Krima Mercator's handmade players, on the last Sunday match of the team of the Champions League League in Nordhausen, were released out of 26:26 (14:16).

The Ljubljana team decided all the doubts about promoting the second part of the most important club competition on the old continent before the last round. With the largest Group C from Györ and Krim, Thüringer also made progress, but only on the situation protected by the protection of the title from Györ Podravka to Croatia; domestic home game.

From other organizations, French French Metz and Brest, Future Future Montenegrin, Danish Koebenhavn and Odense, Rostov-Don na Rùis, Roman Bucharest, Ferencvaros na h-Ungaire and Kristiansand Norway.

Crimea Mercator - Thüringer

The European League


Krimovke won the second part of the competition

Choosing by Ljubljana coach

Urosha Bregar

(2: 5), but then they fell, they played a lot more aggressive in the defense, and they were in 7: 7 in their 14th minute for their defense; first driver At the game between 11:10 and 20 minutes, the Authority held care

Olga Peredeliy.

The Ljubljana women were completely out of the field, followed by the Mac's sons; Blacksmith

Sare Ristovske


Polich Barich

Two minutes later, with 13:10, the victory of two or three visits was held up to 36 minutes when the Germans came close to the delay (17:16).

Krimovki, despite some of the poorest times in the & # 39; after their game as a result of one or three goals, but in the last minute the guests were captured and not equal to 26:26. Clagar asked a minute minutes before completing it and edited a strategy for the final attack, but its shopkeepers did not do well, the effort tried to stop their attempt to win and & # 39; benefit the "freedom point".

The Ljubljana team is the most efficient Greek

Lamprini Tsakalou

seven times long as he is

Nina Zulic

he put five visits.

* Wiedigsburg Size, 1400 spectators, judges: Kiauskaite and Zaliene (both Lithuania).

* Thüringer: Krause, Lang 7, Sazdovska, Mazzucco 2, Zimmerman, Schmelzer 3, Triscsuk 3, Giegerich, Luzumova 5, Bölk 2, Grossmann 1, Jakubisova 3, Huber.

* Crimea Mercator: Marinček Ribežl 1, Vojović, Gnabouyou, Mavsar 1, Krsnik, Barič 1, Stanko 4, Zulić 5, Tsakalou 7, Vučko, Žabjek, Amon, Perederija 4, Ristovska 3.

* Sevenmeters: Thüringer 3 (3), Crimea Mercator 1 (1).

* Divisions: Thüringer 6, Crimea Mercator 6 minutes.

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