Krka with advanced interim results


The Krka Group was in nine months with an increase of ten per cent in profit, and sold in each product and service department.

In the first nine months, the Krka Group sold goods and services worth EUR 971.9 million, which are five percent more than the same time last year. This is the biggest nine-month sales sale so far, reciting Krka. The net profit reached EUR 120.8 million in the first nine months of the year and 10% were more than a month; higher than a previous year.

As well as 93 per cent of the revenue, ie EUR 903.4 million, Krka achieved foreign markets in the first nine months. These include the largest European divisional department with a 29.6% share. By the end of September, Krka's income increased from 287.6 million euros, which is six per cent higher than in the first nine months of last year. In Russia, Krka's largest single-market market, sold twice to 189.3 million euros.

The second largest division of the Central European department is selling with 239.6 million, which is six percent higher than last year. Sales was expanded in Poland, the largest market in this sector, as well as other places except in Latvia.

In the Western Europe department, it dropped nine months 3 per cent to 211 million euros, with the Krka group a & Most sold in Germany, and the Scandinavian, Spanish, French and Italian nations.

In the south eastern part of Europe, where Krka's main markets in Romania and Croatia, Group sales with 14 per cent to 132.3 million.

The Krka group in nine months with a ten percent increase in profit

Sale in the Slovenian market included 7.1% of the total sales of the Krka Group, reach EUR 68.6 million, three percent more than a year ago.

Total sales have been increased in all organizations of services and services. Amongst, a sale of risk-related medicines was more than four out of a & # 39; Five of the total sales of the group increased by 5% to € 804.3 million.

All business indicators in the first nine months of 2018 are better than in the same period last year, they are still available in Krka. Krka's operating profit in the amount of 163.8 million was 10% higher than last year's comparative, and also a total profit of EUR 120.8 million.

In the first nine months of the year, Krka recorded 16 new findings in 36 medication forms and strengths, and invested 66 million investments in this time for investments. At the end of September, the Krka Group had 11,226 staff, which is four percent longer than nine months before.

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