Krkovic refused 35,000 barley of compensation offered by the state


Today in the Ljubljana District Court, an application was lodged for compensation for its spokesman Anton Krkovič; left his position against the country due to the time he spent in prison after a later conviction in Patria's case. The offer of a state lawyer for compensation is worth 35,000 euros below, reporting POP TV.

According to POP TV, Krkovič told the court that the papers, fear and suffering were due to his / her; prison and Kalvarija aged 10 in court. Before the day of the day, he said that this test is unhappy because he needs to move everything again.

The compensation of € 35,000, as provided by the state, was rejected as low low. He believes that the damage has been made to him during the trial and that the jail "can not be paid back with one additional generous salary from the manager". The deployed fireman resigns his / her compensation of 600,000 euros.

In the claim, between others, he says he was imprisoned for the abuse of criminal matters. Here, he describes the allegations that President of the High Court, Branko Masleša, said in one of Ljubljana's cafe, that the defendants in the Patria case should be convicted at all costs. Mojca Modic Zule state lawyer said this statement had already been challenged, as there were other high-ranking judges at the local time, who said that Masleš did not tell this.

It will be debated by Krkovic certification and witnessed on January 15, recited POP TV.

Krkovič was found guilty in Patria's case, along with the SDS hero, Janez Janša and Rotis Ivan Črnkovič representative. His Constitutional Court suspended his & her; case to break a & # 39; process, but after that time was restrained before the new test started. Črnkovič, who attacked the state for 13.4 million euro in dams, recently set for under 63 miles. When Janša's lawsuit came to his forehead, he closed for 176 days and he says 901,199 civilians from the state, but he still does not know.

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