Kubatov: "It's important to me, because it is a human model too" – receiving a full farewell meeting with Zoltan Gera


Ferencváros was recently elected president for another four years, Gábor Kubatov a & # 39; 1/1 Azure le Csaba c. view the previous media field, Zoltán Gerahe said he would be able to be a merciful fight to greet the games.

– – The date is still challenging about the healing game, because they can not place it anywhere. For me, it is important to give such a job, because it is always an example to us all "Kubatov said, then he went to the village of Fradi, which could be completed by 2022 due to his descendants.

– – We are late, but we can come to Baile Fradi by 2022. We still do not know the right budget, we now have about 25 billion proofs. This is all public money, the society can not add, the Ferencvárosi Torna Club has all the money, it's a great deal. in order to stand on constant feet He also said.

He also said that there will be 5,000 young people in the new center, instead of 3500 people today, and that there will be many so many overseas clubs across Europe and their main goal is that parents & 39; take their children to Népliget.

Fradi: "I'm late for half an hour, punished" – does not sit legitimate in the first person

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