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Robert Kubica said he had returned to F1 the faith of "no doubt", and he thought he was able to drive F1 car in real environments.

Kubica returned to the F1 tour after 8 years. He was seriously injured in his right arm.

Williams called for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to be represented by the team in 2019, and # 39; means that the pollen will return to the race after eight years after a F1 presence at the rally in early 2011.

The police tried Renault and Williams last year. Although the attempt to win a 2018 driver's drive is to be solved; failed, Williams's pilot driver this year went on to FW41 in the exam and two free exercises. Vice President Williamson launched a major news conference by Yas Marina Circuit to give a decision on Kubica.

"From the person's perspective, I understand the feeling," Kubica said when he was in a position; talk about the meaning of returning to F1. "No one can believe this story. The person who always gives me and the people around me, I am really grateful to them."

"We know that this could be difficult to achieve, and today is proofing that nothing is impossible. Indeed, there are many problems that need to be achieved, a & # 39; including many things, not just. "

Before the rally that was a threat to life in 2011, Kubica participated in 76 Grand Prix and won the Canada Grand Prix 2008. In addition, he was also invited to go to Ferrari.

After eight years to have passed, F1 has made major changes to the technical level. However, Kubica is not scared to return to the game.

"I have a lot of knowledge in F1, so I know how i'm a F1 driver, I'm not scared," he said. "I know it's a great deal of effort and effort, and I'm ready."

"From the technical point of view and the driver's opinion, we have experiments and winter trials after Abu Dhabi, so when we arrived in Australia, it was enough for me to prepare. Compared to other drivers of cars and bakers about The test at the end of the year is a different case. We will start in the beginning of 2019, so I'm not afraid I've been left for eight years. "

"I look forward to it. I know what I need to pay and what I need to do. If I take up my job, I am sure that everyone happy. "

It is not a problem in driving a F1 car in the water

Kubica suffered a very bad break in his right arm during the crash. After a long time ago, the move was somewhat limited. Previously, he returned to the rally, took part in some rallies, sports car races, and moved the simulator.

For a long time, whether it is appropriate to drive a car – especially in bad weather – the worst of it. However, at the Abu Dhabi conference, Kubica stressed that he is capable of completely F1 car driving.

"If I can not run quickly and compete, I will not be here. You'll be better like this: people will see your borders, they're wondering how you can do it. I know it's hard to believe, but I think Williams has seen this year, and I've seen it in the 16-18 months. Since I went on a Formula 1 car in In Valencia last year, I can do it because I'm working hard.

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