Kubrat Pulev browser – the person who rescued Mohamed Ali


The scandal with Kubrat Pulev suddenly changed the focus from his job looking for a new prospect of development in the USA to a theme outside the ring. And we're not talking about "a storm in a glass of water" as soon as it comes to the US Commission and reviews the license.

But the Cobra on the other side may have one sense of the 'match' which took place in California on 14 May.

When we talk about Bob Aram, the word "legend" is there. They were taken into the Hero Hall where this was done. At the age of 87, the American sports representative has embarked on another. And there is no doubt that he is the man who can take Kubrat Pulev not only among the big ones, but Everest herself in the mail.

He is currently dealing with his business as president of the Top Rank.

Aram has seen everything and round the circle that has been seen in this sport for the last half. Correction – not only him, but he is involved in everything.

Aram forms part of the Hall of Fame Hall

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A Brooklyn lawyer boldly walked in the profibok world in 1966 and did not look back from that day. But he has something more to play in his story, which may be of great value in trying to improve Pulev's place, created by nowhere, which threatens his future.

The Top Rank Agency, which is a "Mercedes" in the industry. And for months she has been working with Kubrat, which is better than her boss's favorite.

The aim of reaching games with the larger names, including Cobra performance in the media, social networks, is "glossing on his eye" on image. With Aram's discovery of boxing, the final result is of gold, glory and lots of money.

At first, however, Aram's hard work might be halting from the Cobra license before the California Athletic Commission.

With authority and skills in diplomacy, it could be the main person in the scandal. And to arrest fatal consequences for the image and box development of the Bulgarian competitors. And then the road is up to the top of the proximity. Something called Aram has always been important in his life, describing how this famous device has evolved.

So we go back to the mid 1960s.

The solicitor is employed by the Ministry of Justice to monitor the perfect match between Sony Pictures and Floyd Patterson. It eases out of deals and builds around $ 5 million for the finance, an unprecedented sum for years. His reputation is lifted throughout the box.

It is the first connection with the sport, but it happened in 1966 when he watched the live match between Mohammed Ali and George Chuvallo in Toronto.

"I wasn't interested in a box," said Aram, "and I changed my way into my life, my career, my interests, and I got involved in boxing, and learned "I've had this sport and everything I needed about it. I'm a student from Ali."

Two months after a game in Toronto, Bob Aram met Chicago's largest boxer and became a promoter and personal lawyer. And by chance, it gets the chance for historical work, confirming Mohammed Ali's skills and friendship with him for their lives.

On 4 June 1967, at a sunny evening in Cleveland, a meeting still exists in the United States' political and sporting history. In one room some of the country's finest dark athletes gather. These are the Bobby Mitchell football players, Uli Davis, Curtis McClintock, basketball players Bill Russell and Lus Alsandor. The last ones adopted the world under Karim Abdul-Jabar.

Joining a Maine Bout group, led by a young lawyer and promoter Bob Aram. The aim is to be sure that they need to join a union to support Mohammed Ali, who is involved in a large scandal and is confronting the American state machine. A box star refuses to fight in Vietnam with the words: "None of those people that made me act as the conveyor, as is often the case." Ali explains. not to be moved by religion – it has already accepted Islam.

Not everyone is sure, as loyalty to the boxer can harm their roles.

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But Aram is brilliant, and Ali – very good as an orator. He refuses to go to the army, and the NYC Commission accepts consent.

Just three years later Mohammed Ali was again in a box, in particular thanks to Bob Aram, who negotiated with the government and was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. Only the fine of 10,000 dollars is left. Bob saves Ali's post, although it's fairly fair, because the whole country wants to see him again the familiar master of the ring. That's how he does it.

He is going to judge in the state of Georgia and asks Ali to put his special license in that box. His arguments are that "hundreds of other boxes, even with criminal convictions, on the stopping-up are not in the state." And he's successful. 30 days later Mohammed Ali will be fighting in Atlanta by Jerry Quirrey, and three months after the game, the New York Commission will be giving back the mega-star license. So many people have such a vote, because the interest in the Quiri game is great.

Conversations with the state machine are easier, and Aram has set his strategy.

“With Ali, we got together and we stayed with a life all together," said the loser. "It is anyone who has the biggest impact, not. only on the sports side. "what he would give him fist, but to society."

The question now is Aram getting the right way to get out of position, of course, but not so impressive but similar, Kubrat Pulev? It is indeed unique. The scandal was about Ali and refused to join the army and go to Vietnam as an international subject with a profound influence. Far from the Cobra game and its aftermath, he played jokes at various special features of the new world.

In front of a photograph of Ali from 1971, both of them wrote in memory

Bob Aram's story is very interesting. He created the Top Rank in 1973, and so far has helped organize over 2,000 profile paints. After Ali, the names of George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes, Shugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather (high and young), Manny Pacquiao, and the Golden Boy of Boxing and his great personal weakness – the Oscar de la Oya great.

Today, at the age of 87, Bob Aram wants to take his heavy glory back to the box he is getting "mosocre well and fall down." Anyway, his idea was 5 years ago. The person on the back of Tyson Fury's contract for the next 5 games is the British. He will move Pulev's stuff, which he has already demonstrated behind the ocean, and will certainly continue to promote in America, where the "sports champion" is far wider than Europe.

Aram promises that the goal is as high as possible. If it was with German supporters Zaurland Kubrat he was sure to fight the strongest in Europe, Top Rank is waiting for an attack on Everest himself in a sport – Fury, perhaps Joshua and Wilder. ..

Before the $ 1 billion battle between Mayweather and Pakiao 4 years ago

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Recently Arom was selected and made reference to the five main games he had studied in this 53 years: t

1. Shugar Ray Leonard – Marvin Hagler (1987) – "Great maid, the echo was big."

2. Marvin Hagler – Thomas Hearns (1985) – "The first box game, with a promotional tour of the country, we delivered 2 airplanes and traveled 26 towns." When the game was over, the two were so tired and they want to be. who was great for the fight! "

3. Oscar de la Oya – Felix Trinidad (1999) – "The first Mexican and Puerto Rican tour, although Oscar was officially above America." Don King commanded Trinidad, "He gave the Golden a perfect match". Boy. "

4. Mohammed Ali – Joe Frazier (1974) – "The loyalty of Ali to lose and the midst of Madison Square Garden." A historic day.

5. Floyd Mayweather – Manny Paccao (2015) – "Nothing was ever like any fist and maybe not." The numbers are unique, mind-boggling, unfortunately, the game did not go out like that.

This is Bob Aram, who is involved in the billionaire game, as the last of the five. Of course, people around Kubrat Pulev have a great weight to play in this fun world, which has been more than just the industry than exchanges between ropes.

Behind you is the best boxing industry you can look closely at fighting with the strongest in the circle.

With Floyd Mayweather (left hand) and Oscar de la Oya (right)

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Bob Aram with Manny Paccao

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