Kudelka and the referees: "Sometimes I am at the end of feeling persecuted, but I do not want to get to"


The University of Chile the DT will again Frank Darío Kudelka in the bank during its # against the game Iquique Sports in the National Park, after the Argentinean meet the penalty date in the # 39; against the game San Luis in Quillota. After being erased at the Classic University, the blue coach will return into the field and again Piero Maza.

For that reason, the old Talleres de Córdoba talk about their disputes with negotiation, and; including the collision against Colo Colo and UC. "As it has been done to learn something that does not do … No, I sit on the bend without having a & # 39; Bringing out sounds … I do not know what I do, but there is an opportunity to suit. The match against Colo Colo, even in the final effects, I said I did not want to say, I took it to the # 39; mistake to go to the middle of the field, but before UC marked my goal"he said.

"I do not want to be persecuted, indeed. I have my mistakes, my memory, like everyone else. We are all the same. I watch television and everyone who looks at television. complaint. There is no barefoot who opens his mouth. If I do something, i am I get a bank But sometimes I'm at the end to be & # 39; I feel persecuted, but I do not want to get there. But I want to say that I have nothing against me. I protect myself from something that I did not, that is why I find it hard to tell myself, "he continued.

About us Piero Maza, who was abolished in the classic against UC in the National, established Kudelka "I did not know Maza was going on on Sundays. I wish everything best for me, I will try not to; Bringing out sounds, without moving, but I want to enjoy the game and help the team"

In the current day of the U and the fight for the 2018 National Championship title, he said "This journey gives us the responsible behavior of being part of interpretation. We have made a long way forward and we are in a good position. We know it is a positive game against Iquique and we believe in the team"

The U gets Iquique Sunday on 17:30, in a game that is important to the Chilein football result.

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