Kun Ling's new hair style goes back to the age of a revitalization, and did not; Zhou Dong's young sister can only help "capture the vision" – Zhongshi News


After Zhou Dong's marriage, there was very little, and when he had nothing to do, he loved him and sent away a ticket. (taken from Jay Chou IG)

King Jay Chou, who was promoted in 2014, home his mixed-born player, Kun Ling, aged 14, and graduated shortly after marriage. In three years, she took her daughter Xiao Zhouzhou and her son Xiao Xiaozhou, and she made a word "good". After marrying and getting children, Zhou Dongyi changed his low intake. He loved to kill one dog. Even & # 39; and his wife who cut hair and her; It could come to an "amazing style". It was so sweet that people could not stand on it!

Kunling yesterday (11/20) added the IG protocol, leaving it quickly with the old "Cut my hair today" model, and then to & # 39; make a picture, & # 39; cuts the long romantic long hair to his shoulder and put on the pink sports jacket and the big plastic glasses, the fans looked terrible to become gloomy, praising "very enjoyable and offering", "for example a secondary student", and they gave a new Kunling model to their age.

Kun Ling was a long hair cut, changed his shoulders and a short hair style to show people, praising more young and handsome, as a student girl, and the likelihood of this age, not only did fans have to blast, but also her husband Jay Chou "hands" Yan Yibo said: "A M., Is he a man?", And sent a special claim to his wife. Choinnich Kunling also added to her; achieved. He wrote in English: "Two children are married, tough," and I sing sweet and unfinished. Allow the fans to look at the kilt and appearance, and Jay Chou's celebration and celebration, saying: "Is that alone alone?".

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