Kunaka will fall on his own sword


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Political Editor Tichaona Zindoga
When a political activist and Patriotic National Patent Jim Kunaka sponsored by the Commission Motlanthe who investigated violence after the election in August 1, he did not do much to let him know outdoors – and he had a bad impact on him.

Kunaka decided himself not only as a witness that could not be reluctant, but also unfortunately told us a lot about his political position as a support.

For those who have knowledge of the political secrets in Harare, he gave a good account of how he became a carer of Zanu-PF violence, and bought black clothes called Chipangan who died by & # 39; eliminate Zanu-PF.

Unfortunately, Mbare is now free from fear because the anti-raid against Kunaka has been broken.

The last summer election was quiet and relief for people of Mbare and the surrounding areas because Kunaka was within Zanu-PF where it was emerging, using violence, terrorism, chain and corruption to his self-boundaries.

Kunaka's face and eagle Chipangano fear – and many personal media and personal statements have a & # 39; so praised.

Not only, he reinforced himself before the Commission.

In playing her red herring out – since she has been involved with her husband Mashayamombe, another Zanu-PF man and a characteristic of terrorism-a simple script.

Initially, he wanted to devolve the Commission; and secondly, he wanted to make other "facts" lines that would express the statement that is now in place; emerge and rebellion against the challenge of both violent violence and encouragement on August 1st and his position in a & # 39; suffer and die six people.

On the first census, Kunaka was a great deal to be at # 39; trying to discriminate against one of the Commissioners – Professor Charity Manyeruke – by liaising it with the Zanu-PF party and in his / her; process that made amazing bids that she was a "leader" in violent South-

To cover this illness, ask Kunaka, or instead of a & # 39; threatens the Commission, not to & # 39; Allow Professor Manyeruke to put out any questions, and almost everything was confirmed on his objections.

A section of his testimonial would be useful in shaping his character.

He said: "I was a regional director of ZANU-PF in Harare and I was over violent activities. If you check the internet there is a name there. Professor Charity Manyeruke, who sits there in the Commission, is one of the violent architects in ZANU-PF. One of the people we sat down to consider how we would add MDC people. "

He also said: "Manyeruke was my leader in force of violence and my leader who gave me instructions, so I will not ask any questions from my headteacher because when we were in ZANU-PF I was only foot soldiers. "

Kunaka took ownership of violence.

He included the Dr. Manyeruke completed anxiety.

Even if none of them were & # 39; Given his / her societies, he was inconsistent for the ugly events on August 1st.

However, it seems that Kunaka would have been a response to Gabriel Chaibva, a member of the MDC who recently gave a star show before the Commission briefed the role of the MDC in urban fear and a & # 39; impact on 1 August.

Kunaka's reaction was poor and bad, as he himself sang as a screw-free gun for his & her; At the end of the day is a great deal, except for his entertaining value.

On the simplest side, he did not welcome the suggestions that he was part of the terrorist activities of his familiar August, allegations accelerated his knowledge based on his predecessor Zanu-PF to avenge occasional comedies.

It was noted that the worst meat was held at the provincial headquarters of Zanu-PF Harare, where opponents had not been faced with their predecessors, It could be undertaken by joining Kunaka.

Seen from other corners, Kunaka's certificate could be read with Paddington Japajapa, who had a certificate before the Commission just as full of noise and suffering but had no nerve material.

The two male certificates, along with Mashayamombe, were a fascinating approach. But he did not work, either.

It is clear that the assistant assistant is the MDC-Nelson Nelson Chamisa headquarters certificates, who are trying to break out for 1 August.

It was said that Mr Chamisa and his chief commander of violence and terrorism, including the youth leader, Happymore Chidziva and former chairman of Tendai Biti, who asked for violence and inequality if their parties did not win the elections in July.

These wild statements have been repeatedly reported.

Their call for CMC supporters in protecting "voting" – codeboards for disturbance through street ventures – is also well documented.

Mr Chamisa has been trying to swallow these words.

A few days ago he tried to give his own pace away from the violent campaigns and the sad incidents he had in August, but he failed.

It was not even when he said that the people who participated in the violent campaign helped him to be "sad".

He can not hide out of his body.

This is also happening for the Kunaka Wednesday show: it is not good enough to take care of key evidence in the & # 39; this case when it appears before.

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