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Recreation Center / Targeted Report

Jay Chou and Kun Ling come to & # 39; shake dog food again! Recently, Zhou Dong's wife, Kun Ling, has given the social networking site, generous affection and added a large number of fans. Yesterday (20), Kun Ling painted a beautiful picture on the IG, saying that she would cut her long in clear hair, and Jay Chou does not. disappointed, and again leave a message, "Fancy Ride" with Ling, so that webmasters can not help but shout: "Full dog food!"

▲ ▼ Kun Ling is open in the exhibition and bed Zhou Dong. (Figure / Discharged from IG)

▼ ▲ High-ranking singles! Jay Chou and Kun Ling have cracked dog food again. (Figure / from Kunling IG)

Kunling (drawing / drawing from IG)

Kunling said she was yesterday yesterday and she would not cut the long hair of the sign. She just saw her in the picture. She kept long hair and long hair. Listen carefully to her & # 39; camera. Choose up: "Miss, one person?" And Kunling also responded to the English: "Married with two children, sad" (interesting, I'm married, there are two children) "An interesting conversation, let the websites see all their smile. the page.

Kunling / Kunling IG

▼ ▲ Le Ling cut into short hair, such as high school pupils. (Figure / from Kunling IG)

Kunling / Kunling IG

Then Kunling brought out the finished picture of the hair cutlery, and saw that she had clear glasses, with a pink sport jacket, with a handsome shoulder and long hair, over age, he would. : "Nigheanan!", "Today is a secondary student" and "looks like a secondary student."

Kunling / Kunling IG

▼ ▲ Beò "Kun Ling style" wonderful style. (Figure / from Kunling IG)

Kunling / Kunling IG

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