Kurski: There will be more tapes with a PiS president


The failure cited by "GW" comes from July 27, 2018. In & # 39; Talk, held by Nowogrodzka, president PiS Jarosław Kaczyński, a family businessman from Austria – Gerald Birgfellner, Grzegorz Tomaszewski – co-cousin of the chief of the PiS, and the interpreter of Birgfellner (as reported by the family " GW "related to Tomaszewski and being friendly with Kaczyński"). Jarosław Kaczyński was recorded.

"GW" indicates that Kaczyński has blocked the project to build a high 190 meter flow with Srebrna, as the Warsaw Town Hall under the Platform's government blocked the buildings of the building. – If we did not win the elections, we will not build a captain in Warsaw – it will emphasize the PiS president.

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Vice President Gazeta Wyborcza now says that other records will be published by Kaczyński in his main role. When? – It will be published, as we will explain all the circumstances that this case has. Step by step And we recognize that it is serving a & # 39; public – says Jarosław Kurski in an interview with the Wirtualna Polska port. Kurski did not show how many hours of recordings with PiS's president's partnership is his editorial office.

Former ministry "GW" when they procured the release of material to the decline of the PiS government, he said: "We do not fight to war with the authorities, we fighting for democracy. These are completely different. PiS is not a normal, conservative party who respects democratic principles, and respects his & her; Constitution. It is not a democratic party (…) We want to show its use. So democratic society would have a full knowledge of its current power. : go to the polls. Nothing else goes on. People who need to make a decision. We will not get out of the power. Only Ballot paper affecting it.

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