Kurt Cobain on hip-hop: "It's so uncertain that I can not handle" Society


A few days ago an unpublished interview was announced Kurt Cobain, in which Nirvana's leader describes his thoughts on hip-hop.

In conversation, made there 1991 and published in the Canadian magazine, the dead artist who addresses his own statements, according to what "the white man was to analyze the black for a long time" and "I had to leave rap for African American".

"Did I drink when I said that?", He put on a shoe, before he spoke about the music: "I like rap, but it's so uncertain that I can not deal with it"

Although he was "a great fan," Cobain added that he liked this musical style, "as one of the few original forms to make music. "

"However, white men are doing rap like white people who dance: we do not know how we will do anything or another"he finished.

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