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Rodion Kuruc In the unexpectedly anticipated season, there were 9.4 points in the NBA before the game was today, 3.5 revived and 49.4% were right in the game. Kuruc had 22 hours in Brooklyn Nets, and with his help, Nets took out in his playground; East Conference. Kuruc's performance is rated tonight with a place in the star game rising.

The star game rises the day before the NBA Stellar game, with gamblers and league players that are divided into US and World teams, with ten players. A copy of this game was voted by NBA team coach supporters.

Kurucs is one of the five times in the World Team. Together with Luka Dončič and Deandr Eiton will be played with him, as well as defending Shai Guilde-Alexander, defender of Clippers and Timberwolves; attacking Josh Okoshi. The US team, on the other hand, includes three musicians – Jars Jackson, Trey Yang and Martin Booley. It should be noted that Kurucs was selected from the player's circle with the lowest number (40).

To be included in World Team, Kurucs has lean Kristaps Porzins, estimated in 2016 and 2017. This season, none of the new Knicks players – Nilikin , Nox, Trich, Robinson – selected to participate in this game. But Bruklin's two members – the US team also includes the Nets Center Jacket Alen.

The game will be held at night on 16 February in Charlotte.

Participating in the & # 39; star game rises

USA team Team of the World
Web Ojī Anunobi (Raptors; United Kingdom)
Marvin Booley (King) Deand Eiton (Sun; Bahamas)
Lonzo Bols (Lakers) Bogdan Bogdanovich (Kings, Serbia)
John Hawks Luca Dončič (Slovenia)
Fox Fox (Kings) Clippers, Canada
Grizzlies Kurucs Rodets (Latvia)
Lakers Kails Lauri Markanen (Bulls, Finland)
Don Juan Michel Timberwolves (Nigeria)
Jason Knight (Celtics) Jedi Osman (Cavaliers, Turkey)
Hawks Ben Simons (76ers; Australia)

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