Kyler Murray, selected by athletics and collegiate star … in American football!


For Kyler Murray The future seems to be promising and safe: quarterback is one of the most striking universities in the NCAA, it is one of the best of the Heisman prize and this is the last year of ability.

I'm sure I'm in the NFL draft in April, but … It has already gone through another selection process.

Last June, Murray was the nineteenth full selection of MLB Draft and his / her; The first of Oakland's Athletics, with which he even fits 5 million for money just for registration.

Yes: MLB. Great connections. Baseball

In this season of collegiate football, Murray There will be 37 overseas and 3,000 674 yards per pass, as well as 853 other land and 11 land applications in 12 games. The ages are 11-1 and playing for a & # 39; their conference against Texas Longhorns.

Victory can take place for Murray and Young People in the Playoffs for the national title.

He had his numbers in the college's football season A product average of .296 and 47 runs in 51 games with the ones that leave, where it is; caring for the left field.

He was 20 years old when he named the Athletics – he turned on August 21 – Murray asked to play a football season and then recite in spring camps.

"Any Judgment made in the performance of their contractual commitments, who knows in Kyler," said Boras. "He is passionate for a team at OU, and is also passionate for the Oakland Athletics," said Scott Boras, an earlier election on this month. Oklahoma.

In the 80s, Bo Jackson He was at the same time warming in the Main Employers and the NFL. He won the Heisman in 1985 before playing for Kansas City Royals and the Oakland Raiders between 1987 and 1990 and then just left on football.

Who was more successful in that double business Deion Sanders, he played in both Leagues and from 1989 and 2001 and is the only person who played the Super Bowls and Series World. He was a NFL tree with the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys, but the Atlanta Braves dropped the Major League title for Toronto Blue Jays in 1992.

However, it's impossible to see athletes like this today with the special sports that have come and the monthly problems they face; – and, indeed, Jackson and Sanders needed to get over. The abilities are there.

Russell Wilson, the current QB of Seattle Seahawks, has decided on one of the two sports, chosen by the Baltimore Orioles in the Draft 2007, new from secondary schools, but both sports to play at collegiate level for North Carolina.

Baseball was always fighting for him: in 2010 he was selected by the Colorado Rockies and played for his branches in the summer, but in January 2012 he told the Rockies that he would be a & # 39; find a place in the NFL.

Secondly, even to play for the Seahawks, Wilson was also part of Colorado and the Texas Rangers in December 2013, who participated in spring training in 2014 and 2015, but b & # 39; until the year that was moved to New York Yankees, he was using a great band of Flannal League and took part in a pre-game match against Atlanta Braves as a promise he made to his father.

Patrick Mahomes, the QB statement of Kansas City Chiefs, even a game hit by Texas Tech. His genealogy is on the diamond, since his father, the same name, was played in the Princes from 1992 to 2003 and what happened to Wilson was elected in the 2014 version with the Detroit Tigers, although he did not his name. In 2016 he decided to focus on American football.

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