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It is not twenty years old and already, the L & # 39; Equipe a & # 39; give him a second episode. Today's broadcast (8:50 pm), the second "Kylian Mbappé: out of the ordinary" program is still more successful than the Channel + and M6 films, partner problems to talk passionately on God's football.

We know now: we need to be very fast following Kylian Mbappé. At this game, the L & S 39 chain Equipe has taken a step forward. He will drag this documentary on Monday, November 26 in the second paper on the # 39; child, year after he was successful Kylian Mbappé, out of the ordinary.

In November 2017, the journalists, Sébastien Tarrago, Fabien Touati and Guillaume Dufy came to the right moment to be released before everyone started the funny Mbappé: talent, knowledge, high quality . Six months later, Channel + tried to put pressure on the PSG strike struggle, which was very appealing to appeal for Ligue 1, in Sport inside where the player himself spoke (except only). On Tuesday, November 20, 2018, M6, who is now a broadcaster of the French team, then from his biography by his Kylian Mbappé: the secretly secretary, (in a 6play playback) did not make it difficult for big cars, not the only gift paper to Canal +. And it does not happen: IT1, another broadcaster of the Blues, has entered the levels for 50 minutes inside. In short, Pelé's time is Mbappé in the 21st century. Something is easier to meet, it's right next door in Paris.

Movie searching foundations

Here Kylian Mbappé, unusual II, he wants Sébastien Tarrago (co-director of Fabien Touati and Guillaume Dufy again) «Finding the year 2018 when Mbappé had a big impact on», a week before the Golden Ball was broadcast to deliver the channel. This objective was essential for the purchase of images. France-Argentina aims to continue to make the same impact, if Mbappé is also in operation, Guy Ontanon's gymnastics coach to throw his unusual tour. One of the fascinating credits of a movie searching for. Vivienne Walt, journalist Hour, was set up in parallel with his meetings with Emmanuel Macron and Kylian Mbappé, a couple of weeks apart. Luka Modric and Antoine Griezmann, have been caught out in the "Ballon d'Or France" ("Liga" group), which is not far from the title of "Ballon d'Or France". avoid platitudes. And the film is interviewed by Bruno Irles, one of the Mbappé comedies, who describes the level of progress. For Alain Mboma, a close friend of the family, "Kylian knows that he has things to settle but really, they are very little".

"Never did anyone know that Mbappé was perfect" … but almost

In the image of this very supportive perspective on one of his small sins of sorrow, the misfortunes that will be in the wrong place. A player always appears in a good light in the documentary. here Outside Levels II It does not try to understand the funny activities that make it valuable to make a Mbappé red card in the last Nimes on September, but just a communication error after it's. game ("If it were again, I'll repeat it"), seen as a tough response. In Marseille, on the 28th of October, he is punished by his coach for his & her; come to an end to his pre-game conversation. Instead of trying to & # 39; This question, the movie is only a reputable response to; player, five minutes after he entered the game. Sébastien Tarrago thinks "What is happening is something and no one has ever said that Mbappé was perfect. He is allowed, in the background, he will win his team. "

Mata Mbappé at the Stade des Costières in Nimes on 1 September 2018.

Mata Mbappé at the Stade des Costières in Nimes on 1 September 2018.

Photograph: MUD SEBASTIAN / Press Press

The error is always, and even if sometimes it's not enough to get a bit, it's sure it would just go wrong; criticize a small descendants, in general quite common. It may be surprising, however, whether these two incidents are due to their impact; At the amazing media the child (who turns 20 on 20 December, 2018) has gained experience in a year and a half. Even a talented person, we Think of potential effects.

Where did the football dolphins go?

Especially since Mbappé wants to be the king of the world. The Football Games have been teaching us the strong financial applications made by us; conversation with Monaco and PSG. But that does not say anything about the player, according to Sébastien Tarrago: "The Football Games are very interesting to realize what football today and PSG's genetic tag, for example. But in the case of Mbappé, we are in full knowledge. He had just negotiated a contract. " If the player's decision appears to be & # 39; get the highest paid to Monaco and PSG (if it is to get to Gold Town) to & # 39; Encouraging a special relationship with his teams, Sebastien Tarrago prefers to avoid "To make a spell according to the setting to make a joke. Mbappé and other players need to have too much attention. Alternatively, they would not succeed in those roles. "

And count on M6 to ask a question like this. Not just the documentary program Kylian Mbappé: the secretly secretary he never spoke of the word "Football Football", but he does not. preserving the adolescent qualities of the young man, who paid his career Mondial to charity. "In the biggest deer", according to the statement. He does not know but we.

A sad and uncertain celebration when Jacques Vendroux and Nicolas Sarkozy game experts (tha, tha) explain the choice of PSG in August 2017: her love; club. The Football Leaks have shown that the heart of their native Bondy is a " Much more declined for the Real, but chose Paris for a reason, trying not to play enough in Madrid if Gareth Bale was in a position; live there.

Qualifications to die with laughter

The M6 ​​film's ambitions are no longer a simple desire to put some stars into the eyes of their children. We will remember the amazing scenes of Nicolas Sarkozy and Christophe Barbier, who have completely white credentials with a smile. "At the end of this incredible slogan, the French team, there is a tip, which allows you to break through the challenging web. And this is Mbappé", the former chief editor Express in a loyal mind with the help of genuine music going on. In a short time, we just miss what Gregory Schneider, the excellent journalist at release, it was made in this galley. His few interventions include a fictional (still) point of interest, and are a very rare, good, good copy of the first film Out of Levels of the team.

we want a bit "height =" 14 "src =" Kylian Mbappé, unusual II, a documentary by Sébastien Tarrago, Fabien Touati and Guillaume Dufy (France, 2018). 40 minutes. Unpublished. This Monday, November 26 at 20:50 on L "Equipe.

we're not at all "height =" 14 "src =" T Kylian Mbappé: the secretly secretary, documentary by Timothée Vienne (France, 2018). 50 minutes. Unpublished. In a 6play replay.

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