Kylie Jenner is trying to talk to new words to Baby Stormi in her & # 39; Best Video


Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster

Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jennerand Travis Scottdaughter of nine months old Stormi Webster to grow up as soon!

The child, who is first, has started to & # 39; Speaking and the 21-year truth star and a mogul loves to teach two small girl's keywords – his company's name is nearly $ 800 million.

"Kylie … Cosmetics," Kylie tells the child, sitting on bed and holding an eye-eye box, in a video that was posted on the Instagram page on Sunday.

Stormi seems to be still in a moment, but it's a normal box and he has released something like "no."

"Good," said Travis. "I think I'm thinking I'm staying there."

Earlier on Sunday, Kylie put her selfie mirror and Stormi, writing, "Well, I love her so much. [heart emoji]. "

"She's just like her father, but she looks like me, so. She is happy with her father, however," said Kylie in October. "They have this crazy link and she's really the girl for him. It's wise to watch. When the father is around, [it’s like] I'm not even there. "

On Saturday, Kylie put on her pictures of Instagram de Travis who was holding Stormi's stylish staircase at her. first Astroworld festival in Houston.

"Only the people around you are very aware of how hard you work," she wrote. "I like to watch that you are making all your dreams come true. Your first fèis. We are so proud of that. We love you. "

"I like u womany," said Travis.

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