Kylie Jenner's best black black blackness & # 39; as she carries her dreams with her friends


Kylie Jenner hit the home with her girls this weekend, and she was not scared to show skin in the process.

According to the November 17 report Daily Mail, Kylie Jenner went out on Friday night to have drinks with her friends. An Maintaining with the Kardashians Take a star to her Instagram account to pick up some of the pictures from her evenings, and put out the chips that he killed in the process.

Jenner can be seen scratching a tight skin, tight black, and his / her; sitting at the dinner dinner on Friday. Kylie's extensive cover is full of length and display; She is sultry for her & # 39; camera.

In the homosexual image, warm mogul is seen separately separated by a & # 39; middle and turned back into a base behind its heads. It's small earrings of black earrings and full face, which is Insert a blank screw that bends in his eyebrows, which appeared from her; "Chill Baby" pile.

Jenner also carries my pink color and her darkness also wants to go out. Kylie can enjoy a fun night out because she's a carrying a yellow yellow drink, and may have a drink, see how it turned 21 earlier this year.

As previously stated by the Inquisitr, Kylie Jenner's figure would not give up that she had her first child, a girl named Stormi, with her beloved Travis Scott earlier this year. However, the real star seems to contribute to her family very quickly.

Week per week says that Kylie and Travis are trying to be fertile again and that they hope they will add a little bit of bitterness to their family.

Recently, Jenner talked about being a mother and revealed that she was totally for another child to be in the future. She even said she wanted to have another little girl and she was busy busy; building names in the future.

"I want another child but when I have a question and I'm not sure you're right the second one. And I do not know when I am. I have [been thinking about names] but I have not found anything that I am giving love to me. But I'm sure for another girl, I hope, but I want her daughter's name, "said Jenner.

Musicians can see more of Kylie Jenner when they are Maintaining with the Kardashians Sunday night at 9 p.m. on the E! network.

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