La Plata was saved by 6 murders in 5 days: in Olmos they killed a small woman and in 1 and 42 women


Yesterday there were two other cases. The 17-year-old was killed in the home of 40 between 156 and 157, incredibly due to a personal subject. Near the Terminal, a woman was executed

Blows, slashes and shots. So, under almost all possible types of death, six people died in La Plata in the last five days, at one massacre every 20 hours. The last two challenged the average: they met yesterday.

In one of them, she was a woman; in the victim (see Fighting to listeners and prostitution as a backdrop of females in a pension). In the rest of the cases, men of different ages. In general, it was a personal or newer topic; In the last question, someone decided to go to # 39; negotiation is over.

With the two killings found yesterday, 50 people have already been killed in the area so far this year.

Photograph in the temple

The City was shaken yesterday with another blood when it was almost 6.30 in the morning and the neighbors heard at 40 between 156 and 157 a girl's lovely love. No matter why the reasons were, but it was certain that something was heavy, they were given 911.

Daiana Aguirre, 18, had just found his partner's body Pedro Iván Lazalde, 17, found in the house they were in, division, with a bad head.

The little two returned to the house with their baby's arms and he saw it lying, with a statue in the temple

Houses of non-paralleled walls came after a new crime in La Plata, where there was a DDI police, procurator Juan Menucci and Scientists in Science who were to explore the place in a & # 39; find paths and evidence. They took hold of two full arms, a jacket lead and a Tramontian knife.

They looked at cabins, furnishings, the dining room and even a couple 's crew, but the army did not reveal the murder, destroying the idea that he had been killed from the beginning. The coronation that investigated her body resolved that the child died from a point of view that emphasized his left temple, from the top to bottom, and his / her; leaving outside the area, a few hours before they found it.

Those who did not hear the girl's thoughts knew something had happened to look at the unattended mobile phones. The red and white ribbons were identifying where. Out of this information, the information was not much.

The neighbors said to agree to speak to her; This newspaper on the community as "quiet" and marked, long & They have not been identified, the "environment" of the passive. "He was not a bad boy, but he did not have good companies," said one woman, before he added that Iván was in a relationship "for about two years" with his daughter That girl had a baby that still did not reach them to meet one year. "

This newspaper told official sources that the girl was not at home when the boy was killed. In the community the same layout was circulated: "They argued and went with the child to her mother's house, who lives here on the way back ".

"When he returned at 6 am with the baby, he saw Ivan dead with a shot in his head," said the same neighbor. Other conveners said they were hearing a "loud bang" at about 3 in the morning, although it seems that no one said it was 911. "We thought someone had been burned in the air , "explained neighbor.

The reason was first opened as "proof of death reasons", changed to "simple slaughter", and promoting the qualifications of all members of the family, scientists and witnesses thereafter. Also with material transported from a different security camera. "Nothing is converted or lost, or opened," an investigation closed, confirming the "personal" move, although the cause or identity of the authors does not know.

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