La Voz Azteca refuses Juan Carlos Casasola, Televisa's actor


Mexico City /

The Aztec Voice it started by spreading with it Aztec Onewhere the actor is Juan Carlos Casasolawho worked there Televisa It appeared at exam level.

The television star, who took part in such productions * The Dewar Crown (2012) and Rayito de Luz (2002), the song "One about a thousand", from Mijares.

However, the definition at the professional operator did not confirm any of the four coaches: t Belinda, Ricardo Montaner, Lupillo Rivera and Yahir.

First member The Academy He said he had not cast his chairman because he interpreted the name of Mijares' husband.

Belinda was beaten to tears when she saw Juan Carlos Casasola standing on the stage and not being selected to be part of the teams this year.

"It hurt me greatly to say that I don't, because he really wanted to, I just want to tell you that you are here and I'm really enjoying it, "said the translator" En la oscuridad ".

At the end of his show Juan Carlos said he was "delighted to take a step forward all over the world."

Casasola is currently part of the band The Cats players, where singer Yuri as Grisabela had a special performance, and also has activities at Teatro Centenario Coyoacán.


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