La Voz: Tini and Ricardo Montaner were surprised at their last "kidnapping"


The youngest of the coach put one of the most beautiful of the tour

The first break of the night was the main entertainers Eugenia Stuk and Tomás Maldonado, from the area


. With the help of your coach and

Carlos Vives

, the Cordovan prepares a version of "Almost, almost not enough enough", with Ariana Grande. A Buenosairean boy usually won a "Sign of the Times" by Harry Styles.

After its exhibitions,

Ricardo Montaner

He said: "We would have to break if I was in Axel's place." "It's very tough because it's already happening to taste I do not know if it's personal, but what you need in your group here in more," he said.

Soledad Pastorutti


"Doctor what they were doing, I would be more like Eugenia, but they did both well," said Tini. Axel agreed and expected Eugenia to hold the team. Since that time, the rest of Lucas coaches had "stolen", when it seemed like no one was able to " To use this option, Montanter surprised everyone and took the boy to his team.

Then Natalia Lara's tango came and Esther Carpintero of Spain. A "porteña" had a "Two leg leg" defined by Paquita la del Barrio. The Spaniards also sung a song with very strong words that asked a great explanation: "Puro teatro" by La Lupe.

After enjoying their suggestions, the coaches returned. "They were very good, I loved the selection of songs," said Tini. "They were well met, with each situation, they did well," added Axel. "I'm feeling that the couple gave the songs to the area where they are feeling comfortable," Montaner finally said.

At the same time, Solidian agreed that the exhibition was well even though Natalia had been elected. None of the other coaches made use of the choice to bring the Spanish team.

The next thing was Juan Pablo Nieves and Irvin Diaz of the Montaner team in Colombia. The two songs were made by Carlos Vives, also from the Caribbean. The first one, "The Cold Drop" and the second "New Frames".

"The truth is that both of them are very appealing and that Ricardo is very difficult to do, I saw it a bit easier for Juan Pablo," said Soledad. "I loved both of them, they honor them and angels," said Tini.

Axel explained "Irvin's dance style", but agreed that "Juan Pablo was more loose". Montaner, finally, said he wanted to keep the Venezuelans. However, when everything seemed to be Juan Pablo's excitement
La Voz Argentina He spent, at the last minute, Tini made the button very hard and brought to his team.

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