Lab Design Xbox comes to the Microsoft Store app on Xbox One and PC


Microsoft Xbox Design Lab is now available from the Microsoft Store app on your PC and Xbox One. The move allows you to now be able to create ordinary rulers from the comfort of your book, without going to the Lab Design Xbox website.

Microsoft says that it "expands its design knowledge" to its Microsoft Store, trying to get smaller clicks through the design and proxy process. To access the design list, you can go to a Microsoft Store on your or at your computer; consons and research for "Xbox Design Lab." The option is also listed in the PC app "Tools" tab and as a tile at the bottom of the Xbox One storage page.

Once you go on the Xbox Design page at a Microsoft Store, you can customize your controller just as you would have on the web. This includes a & # 39; body, back, d-pad, obstacle, buttons, and more. After you do it, you can add control to your cart and buy it as if you had anything else on Microsoft Store.

The announcement will just start selling Black Friday Microsoft, which will cost $ 10 from the normal price of $ 70 of the Xbox Design Planning controllers from 23-26 November.

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