Labor Court to decide on conflict between nurses


There is still a look at the three-day ladder strike behind tomorrow after research speeches at her; Labor Court aims to end up in the early morning.

Labor Court Chair, Kevin Foley said he would reflect on the situation of the parties.

It would decide later this morning whether they should start a formal translation in the dispute.

The medical occupations of thousands of patients are still uncertain and many clothes are discharged.

It is expected that the Irish Nurse and Ladies group will hold three consecutive days of strike activity between Tuesdays and Thursdays.

He has already been running three-hour 24-hour strikes in terms of the payment and recruitment and retention of nurses.

The speeches broke at 3.30m and at that level the unions, health administration and Expenditure Department and the Public Reform gave court information to their careers for three days.

If the Labor Court decides to intervene, there is likely to be an emergency hearing later today, with the hope that the court can make a quick recommendation.

It is not clear why this would be enough for the INMO to stop the strike action. In order to do so, the INMO officer had to move to make the decision.

In addition, it is still to be seen as to what circumstances the Psychiatric Nurse Association, who did not speak yesterday, had to accept.

But even if the unions stopped their business industry, it is too late for thousands of people; A patient, who has long been remanded from careers to go to # 39; waiting and waiting for long waiting lists.

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