Lack of dedication: Huawei is penalizing two staff for tweeting from an iPhone Technology


Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Agree two employees who used to iPhone, a phone for a large American fan Clothes, post a message to your account Twitter of the company, showing a note inside.

The event took place on January 1 when asked for a & # 39; New Happy Year company for followers in social networks.

"Good # 2019", he wrote in the Huawei Twitter account. But this message had a slight problem: it was a & # 39; mentions "Twitter via iPhone", which meant that it was written by phone to & # 39; a co-competitive company.

American-renowned Marques Brownlee's famous prestigious image of the message and shared on the networks, where it is 3 million fans. Given that this printing was the good news, a Chinese group sent its original message.

The accused worker about Huawei and head of digital marketing with a salary support of 5,000 yuan (727 dollars, $ 495,087 Silein pesos) was punished for "Negative Impact" of this event, according to a note within its company's spread on a social network Weibo (the Chinese Twitter), which could consult the AFP.

A digital marketing leader also sees his salary frozen and prohibited on any promotion during 12 months.

This event is at a time when Huawei's wave of conviction in some of the Western countries, such as the United States or Canada, where Huawei's financial director was arrested in early December, Meng Wanzhou, suspects to be involved in a fraudulent case.

This program created a wave of economic love China, where some companies motivate their staff to be able to; use Huawei phones and impose sanctions on iPhone users or other Apple products.

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