Lack of sleep: mortal risk –


Researchers have investigated the risk of sleeping.

Stroke danger

The deadly risk of sleepiness is revealed by researchers after inspection, travel sessions SputnikFrance. Performed by a mice under dissolved sleep, the result of this study was published in the magazine nature.
So, there may be a number of illnesses, which include a & # 39; sleep less than seven hours a day or sleep sleeping card-gray diseases no a brain attack.

Sleep restores blood cells

According to those researchers, they slept regenerating blood cells no hematopoiesis. But also, it is protected from gutting the acrylic strators with cholesterol and fat plates or atherosclerosis.

Heavy injuries

When they were sleeping, the mice would be created Atherosclerosis Lions more difficult.
Disease, hardening and loss of elasticity of arctic walls can identify this disease. This may lead to a stroke that may result in death.

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