Lada Vízek was a storyteller for the second time, his wedding in Dubai!


The 76-year-old was 126 goals in the highest league, and scoring stopped outside the football post. In 2012 he married his second daughter and six years later his birth. What is true is that a partner is 24 years older than that. Lada enjoys life only, as can be seen by his normal humor, who did not leave the day before the wedding.

"I'll do something terrible, tomorrow I'll have a wedding," he smiled at the last call when they asked him about the plans he had; closest.

Cairistìona's relationship, where originally the wedding was originally planned for Dubai and a six-million dollar case? Instead of an unpleasant winter of delightful secrets and hospitality of Kazakhstan with the former commander of the union, Ivan Hašek, who has been in the country of Sheikh for years. At the Czech Consulate, he also saw him as a witness.

"Spread the Spartan all the time, that is, but really, everything in my care is to look after everything, he is a friend him, "he said. He thanked the former Canadian representative.

However, it is unlikely that marriage fever is full of strange provisions, not just by Hašek, it also took time to monitor the Monday derby between the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Šmicer even wanted to participate in the football prize for his / her. Visa Wedding.

Football, just the famous "Vizour" on the second route, will not be released without cost.

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